Friday, July 06, 2012

A lazy afternoon of brunching and lounging in Petra

If only lazy is a positive word and I will add this to what I will describe as my future habits of successfully living life to the fullest. That’s of course only when I retire. Hopefully it wouldn’t take that long which means I will have to work like a horse now in order to retire early.

And when that happens I’d like to spend my days being lazy. Like waking up late. Like having long brunches. Like having siesta thereafter. However, the somber reality is that I get to spend my days being lazy only during my 5 weeks and 2 days’ vacation leaves + public holidays and sometimes in the weekends. I should not complain because outside Europe holiday leaves for a full-time job are limited to 2-3 weeks.

So this is what we exactly did and are still doing (as we have until early next week here) during this Lesbos Greek island holiday. We woke up very late each day, had late brunches and then had some southern happy siesta.

Petra is a little beach town in the northern part of Lesbos Island in Greece. It is between Anaxos and Mithymna. We found the charming ‘Sunset Bar & Restaurant’ while scanning the area with our scooter. The restaurant has a very Greek colour theme, blue and white, it has a wide terrace that looks out to the sea and owns a part of the beach as well offering sun beds and parasols to their customers.

The ambiance of the restaurant, the location, the relaxing view, the food, even the music, and the inviting thought of lounging at the beach after a late long brunch was something I couldn’t resist.

Dutchman and I so love these lazy holidays...

View and the beach waiting for us after brunch.

The brunch spread.

Skinless kebap sausage (really good) and Limnos white and dry wine (really nice as well).

Anchovies in oil with black olives and pickles.

The ever-present Greek salad.

Moi: I can get used to this.

Across our table local old men were having an afternoon laugh and some arm wrestling.

Typical Greek theme and the beach is waiting for us!

There’s actually more lazy days to document... but for now: Polla filia! Ta leme =)

Travel Period: June-July 2012
Destination: Lesvos Island (Petra), Greece

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