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Lesvos, Greece: Making my own Mojito in Sigri and meeting Mikaela

Sigri is a little isthmus jutting out in the eastern part of Lesvos Island. Dutchman and I came here with our trusted Italian scooter. In our Greek Island holidays we always make it a point to rent a scooter. Riding the scooter gives us the real holiday experience. With the sea breeze caressing our faces and hairs, us savouring the lovely scent of the trees and the tangy smell of the sea, and just being one with our surroundings, this little medium of transportation undoubtedly gives us that absolute carefree holiday feel.

Now in Sigri we found this fish taverna on the harbour—‘Cavo Di Oro’ (or Cavo D’Oro). After the hot winding drive through the mountains and along the coast, I was yearning for some fresh drink. Having been to Cuba recently where a mojito is considered a refreshing drink rather than a serious cocktail, I just knew what I had to order. Luckily, mojito is in the drinks menu.

My DIY-Mojito! It was not so bad for a first timer. I mean I have had mojitos before in bars and restaurants that I would never ever dare order a second one. This actually tasted good =)

Dutchman and I quickly settled in the terrace lounge of the taverna and quickly made friends as well with Mikaela, the daughter’s owner. She’s very friendly, she has this cute inviting smile on her face. She loves being photographed as well. I think she has a knack for posing in front of the camera because she takes the chance effortlessly. A natural I suppose. Moreover, she speaks English.

‘Kalispera. A coke zero and a mojito please.’

‘A moji__what?’

I showed him the drinks menu and pointed at the mojito drink on the cocktail list.

‘OK. Come, show me how to make it.’ The tavern owner told me as he made a bee line to the bar. Dutchman and I looked at each other quizzically, the message on our faces clearly says—WTF is going on? He doesn’t know how to make a darn mojito!?

Anywho, I followed suit. Of course I am game at the prospect of making my own mojito. It will be my first time. It’s just that I have no idea how to make it? Haha, we shall see.

So I had to quickly backtrack to my Cuba holiday. What was it again? How do they make a mojito? Uh, I don’t think I have ever witnessed the making of a mojito in Cuba so I had to rely on my recollection of how it tasted.

So here’s the ingredients I asked at the bar:

1) Rum—he gave me Barcardi
2) Water (should have asked for tonic water instead)
3) Mint leaves
4) Sprite (should have asked for lime juice instead as well)
5) Sugar
6) Ice cubes

And voila, I have my own mojito!

It was a slow afternoon. The few guests of the restaurant preferred to sit outside at the terrace with the view to the sea.

Mikaela is a natural with the camera.

Cavo Di Oro taverna is easy to find. There is only one taverna on the harbour of Sigri. And when you come here you might just have the opportunity as well to make your own cocktail =)

Travel Period: June-July 2012
Destination: Lesvos Island (Eresos-Andissa), Greece

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