Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sorry, not an Ouzo fan

Do you like OUZO? Ouzo is an anise-flavoured distilled beverage. It is popularly known as Greece’s national drink. It’s mainly an aperitif but I have seen people drink this during dinner mixed with water and ice cubes, as digestif and as a nightcap drink. Moreover, ouzo is the main product of Lesvos. There is in fact a famous distillery, the Barbayanni near Plomari that supplies the country’s majority of its ouzo production since 1860. There is an ouzo museum there as well but for some reason we never made it to Plomari.

Ouzo actually has no colour, it is transparent but when mixed with water it comes out white and cloudy.

But honestly, I am not an ouzo fan. There’s just something about its taste that doesn’t fit well with my palate. I still would drink it though, especially when it’s gratis =)

During our first night’s dinner in Lesvos Island, we went to Anaxos, a little beach town in the north of the island (part of Petra municipality) and ate at Aggelos Taverna on the beach boulevard. I had my first grilled octopus for the holiday while Dutchman had a grilled steak. Because my camera’s lenses were smudged, most of my evening’s pictures, especially the food, they all came out horrible. Except though for two pictures— moi holding the two ouzo drinks and the Anaxos’ sunset.

I really loved the bright colours of this pretty restaurant so on a separate day and with clean camera lenses, I took pictures of it. Most restaurants in Lesvos give gratis chilled watermelon as an after dinner treat. Aggelos Taverna however gives free ouzo digestifs.

Their food is also very good. 4 stars out of 5.

Aggelos Taverna on Anaxos beach boulevard gives free ouzo digestifs. Dutchman and I love eating at the local tavernas, its a way of supporting the local community. The owner is very friendly, always greeting everyone on the street.

To learn more about ouzo, go here:

Travel Period: June-July 2012
Destination: Lesvos Island (Petra), Greece

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