Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sunday meet up in Kijkduin, The Hague

A few Sundays ago Dutchman and I were at Kijkduin Beach, a suburb of The Hague (Den Haag) meeting the travelling couple, EvI and MR. They live in 2 continents, Europe and Asia and travel the world in between the months that they are not home. We had lunch at Altro Restaurant Bar located along Kijkduin’s beach boulevard.

MR, EvI and Moi at Altro in Kijkduin, Den Haag.

Quite a busy Sunday here at Kijkduin.

Because it was a relatively good weather day, it was a nightmare to find parking. It is always like this in the Netherlands. Everyone rushes to the beach when the sun comes out. The day however did not turn out to be sunny all throughout. There were spells of sporadic rains but this weather is much better than any normal day in the Netherlands so the local population, naturally, insists in going out.

If I were to retire from working, like EvI and MR who are now both retired (I envy them!) and just enjoying life, I would definitely escape the Netherlands, like they did. You will find the Dutchman and I in the south of Europe, or perhaps travelling and discovering off the beaten track places or laying under the sun in a secluded exotic beach in some paradise island, and we will only set foot in this cold country during summer for a few days when its good weather. Because sadly, summer in the Netherlands doesn’t guarantee you any good weather.

Anyway, it was great connecting with EvI and MR once again. It’s always a fun time every time we get together with this always on-the-go couple. Lots of conversations and laughs. Thank you so much!

Tot de volgende keer, hier of daar =)

Here’s our lunch... we all had salad except for the Dutchman who was craving for an uitsmijter. The salads are typically Dutch styled and dressed (read: mayonnaise and sauce). Most of the times, I prefer just olive oil in my salad with salt and pepper to taste.

EvI's salad lunch: Gambas - he said it was good.

My salad lunch: Tuna - it was lovely, the tuna is just perfectly done. 4.5 stars out of 5.

Dutchman's typically Dutch 'uitsmijter' which is a few pieces of whole grain brown bread topped with thinly sliced roastbeef and 3 sunny-side up eggs. Other uitsmijter versions includes cheese and ham.

MR's salad lunch: Roasted chicken fillet - she said it was good as well.

We actually stayed long in the restaurant bar and I had a few glasses until we noticed that they were serving dinner to guests already, haha. Well, the Dutch eat their dinner here early, beginning at 18:00 (seriously).

Kijkduin beach boulevard and the restaurant on the left.

Visit Period: August 2012
Destination: Kijkduin, Loosduinen (The Hague), The Netherlands

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