Saturday, September 29, 2012

A taste of Dutch countryside and Dutch pancakes at Theehuis Rhijnauwen

Dutchman and I brought Dr. Balin to our favourite pancake house, the Theehuis Rhijnauwen in Utrecht for Sunday brunch. Pancakes are typically Dutch and is an all-time popular favourite by Dutch families, especially during weekends.

Because I wanted Dr. Balin to see a little bit of the Dutch countryside, I decided to park the car in Ameliswaard, 2 kilometres away from the pancake house which is located in a small forest. I discovered this area a few years ago when Dutchman and I did a nature walk in Ameliswaard, afterwhich we continued our walk to the pancake house in Rhijnauwen for early dinner.

Dr. Balin walking along the Kromme Rhijn (Rhine) River.

This is the port at the Rhijnauwen Castle (not in picture) which is now a hostel.

It’s a lovely place with a scenic river, the Kromme Rhijn River—a tributary river of the Rhine River that flows to Germany and the Swiss Alps. Rhijnauwen=Rhijn (Kromme Rhijn River). The place also exudes the typical Dutch countryside feel, with farm houses, cows and sheep on the fields.

It was already very busy when we arrived at the pancake house. The restaurant was brewing with activity. We wanted to sit outside by the river but all tables were already taken.

Waiting (impatiently) for our brunch to arrive: pancakes!

Our brunch finally arrived!

Here’s our pancakes: Dutchman's pancake on the right had bacon with raisins. My pancake in the middle had bacon with apple and cheese. Dr. Balin's pancake on the left had ham, mushrooms and cheese.

To go with the pancakes are the typical Dutch supplements of sugar syrup and poedersuiker (fine powdered sugar).

Although the pancakes were thin, they were massive, we couldn’t finish them all, but thankfully Dutchman came in very handy!

Dutchman and I were here at Theehuis Rhijnauwen last May with the Dutch family. Incidentally the Dutch brother-in-law knows the owner who came to our table that day and gave us a free round of drinks.

Going back to the parking, we took the other path across the river and came upon this Dutch farm house. They sell fresh farmer's milk here.

And we passed by some big Dutch cows having an afternoon chill out spree on the grass fields:

A second cow came forward. Think this cow got jealous and needed some attention from Dr. Balin as well =)

Visit Period: September 2012
Destination: Rhijnauwen (Bunnik - Utrecht), The Netherlands

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