Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lunching and beaching in Malibu… er, I mean in Anaxos

Summer holidays for us are pure debauchery.

malibu anaxos lesvosDebauchery on relaxing, doing nothing, more relaxing and more on doing nothing. In Anaxos we discovered the beach bar ‘Malibu’. We had lunch here and then spent the rest of the afternoon lazing on our sunbeds until the sun went down the horizon.

Most beach bars and restaurants in Anaxos have their own beach terrace with sunbeds. The sunbeds are free-of-charge if you eat at the bar or restaurant, so Dutchman and I definitely took advantage of this opportunity. I am not a beach nut but the Dutchman is. In a successful relationship compromise is the spice that is the glue.

Anaxos beach strip is small and there are not many commercial establishments open until late in the evening, not even a bar... except for Malibu. It is also the only place that has sophisticated ‘lounge’ music playing. The owners understood the importance of being cool. Lots of locals hang out here as well.

Well, we had so many days like this...

malibu anaxosgreek salad anaxos
Greek salad for me and burger and fries for the Dutchman.

malibu anaxos greece
Yummy with a chilled glass of rose.

anaxos beach lesvos
And then it is lazing on the beach time.

Malibu beach bar and restaurant.

History, travel, science, geography are my magazines while on holiday.

Sweet doggy likes me.

Travel Period: June-July 2012
Destination: Anaxos (Lesvos – North Aegean), Greece

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