Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mithymna lunch with a view and yummy ‘Grilled Octopus’ and ‘Aubergine Salad’

Our Greek summer holiday in Lesvos Island was not only centring on relaxing and doing nothing but also on food. Local Greek food. And oh, nice places to eat with a view as well.

We dined every single day outside for lunch and dinner. That is a lot of meals to chew on, enjoy with and digest for 2 weeks! We had breakfasts on our first week outside as well until such that we made a decision to prepare our own breakfasts so that we can spend more private time on our balcony in the mornings. It’s nice to slowly wake up, make our own breakfast treat and eat at the balcony terrace, than rushing to freshen up and change clothes so we can take our breakfast somewhere else.

So my Greek holiday entries will probably be 80% focusing on food and/or dining.

In Mithymna (also known by its old name, Molyvos) which is about 6 kilometres from where our apartment is located between Anaxos and Petra, we found this really lovely restaurant called ‘Molyvos Stars Restaurant’ with a charming hanging outdoor terrace fastened to the ancient city’s walls, and with views that looks out to the North Aegean Sea. The panorama here is divine and we have a lovely seating at the terrace as well.

I ordered my favourite Greek food—‘Grilled Octopus’ while Dutchman had Spaghetti Bolognese (not original I know but he is not adventurous when it comes to food). We also had a starter—‘Aubergine Salad’ to go with our bread.

My verdict: Food here at Molyvos Stars Restaurant is 4.2 stars out of 5! My only complaint is that a Nordic family sat beside us and the kids stink to the high heavens. I think one of the children poo’d in the pants! UGH.

Yamas! We had an early lunch... so we had the restaurant to ourselves. In Greece, people eat late lunch there as well as the holidaymakers.

Aubergine Salad for our starter.

Grilled Octopus, this is sooooooo good.

The restaurant before the late diners arrived.

We stayed for a long time relaxing at this restaurant. We loved the views.

Lovely view here.

Playing ball in the water is something I used to do as a kid during beach holidays with my parents, circa 1970's.

Travel Period: June-July 2012
Destination: Mithymna (Lesvos – North Aegean), Greece

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