Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shrimps Saganaki, Greek Grilled Chicken and an evening of Greek dancing

Dutchman and I dined al fresco in a Greek tavern on the main narrow street of Petra’s old town. I forgot the name of the restaurant but it is located on the only shopping street of Petra. It’s a small place so this restaurant is easily spotted.

We were initially looking for a restaurant along the beach road but we were turned off at the noise coming from the concert on the main square. So we walked further into the narrow alley and saw this charming restaurant with diners outside listening to live traditional Greek music.

Luckily we spotted a recently vacated table in front of the entertainer. Right in the smack of the party I shall say. Probably the most strategic table on that street.

We settled in and I ordered Shrimps Saganaki while Dutchman chose Greek Grilled Chicken for himself. The chef gave us toasts in garlic butter as well.

Yamas! I am having a local rose wine here. Roses are great to drink during warm weather days and nights.

My order: Shrimps Saganaki - its with feta. Yummy, 4 stars out of 5!

Grilled Greek Chicken for the Dutchman.

So we had a impromptu Greek dancing night! Here is our one-man band Greek entertainer.

The local diners (perhaps they were not local to Lesvos but they were Greek) across our table pushed the evenings’ entertainment agenda to a higher decibel. The Greek lady from their group started dancing and she just could not stop, haha. She even wheedled the ladies from the other tables to join her! And they did.

I usually find it cheesy when tourists-foreigners dance the Greek--especially Zorba dance, but for this evening, it was somewhat an exemption because the people instigating the dancing party were locals. They were Greek themselves.

Here is a quick video I took of the local diners dancing the Greek way.

Then one of the local guys, he is quite stocky with a huge belly, did an acrobatic dance. Following the rhythm of the music, he slowly bent backwards (aka Matrix) until his head was almost a few inches from the ground. Everyone was glued to him. It was an amazing scene really. How could someone so unfit looking like him bend his body backwards that low? I thought only ballet dancers  or body twisters working for a circus or freak show could do that. Just wow. I was so taken by his stunt act that I totally forgot to catch it on camera.

Here are more pictures of the dancing: 

This is one of our ‘nice’ dinners during our holiday. Although we aren’t that fond of Greek music and dancing, a night of this is something a visitor in the Greek Islands must experience. Especially in a charming setting such as a restaurant’s terrace on a tiny cosy street in Petra.

Travel Period: June-July 2012
Destination: Petra (Lesvos – North Aegean), Greece

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