Monday, October 15, 2012

A hidden gem in Hoofddorp: Vork en Mes Restaurant

From time to time I treat my business partners out to lunch, and it was one of those days when I discovered this extraordinary restaurant, ‘Vork en Mes’ (literal translation: Fork and Knife) in Hoofddorp, a town located beside Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

The restaurant practically sits on the edge of the lake with it’s structure jutting out to the water and surrounded by the Haarlemmermeer forest. A very charming and special setting.

Interestingly, when we arrived at the restaurant and walked on the covered walk designed with transparent glass panels on both sides, I had some kind of déjà vu experience. Business partner said that there used to be water cascading down the glass panels. When he said that, it brought me instantly back to Floriade 10 years ago.

As you can see, I was at the Floriade 2002 together with my then new Dutch family. It was just my 2nd week in the Netherlands after moving half way across the world, and the Dutch family invited Dutchman and I to join them for a day outing at Floriade in Hoofddorp, an every 10-year world horticultural event in the Netherlands. This year, Floriade 2012 was held in Venlo, in the south of the country.

And yes indeed, I remember being at this pavilion (Haarlemmermeer Pavijloen) that is now the Vork en Mes restaurant. How time fly so quickly! 10 years just flew out of the window. That so quick.

Anyway, let me say that the views here are just spectacular, especially when the weather indulges.

And as for the food? Well, their menu are based on the produce that they harvest daily from their own greenhouse. Fresh and organic are the themes of Vork en Mes. Let’s say a food rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 is best deserving for this one-of-a-kind delicious restaurant.

The building is a work of art. Very futuristic.

Table for two with a great view.

I had a green salad with cherry tomatoes, colourful flowers and fried cheese as my starter.

This was excellent. Fresh fish catch of the day; Salmon served with mushrooms and beetroots.

Business partner had the organic veal hamburger with cheese, cream of mushrooms, sweet and sour cabbage,crispy onions, served with potato and vegetable crisps.

Tip: Go for a weekend walk around the lake and the Haarlemmermeer forest, and combine this with a lunch or dinner at the Vork en Mes restaurant.

I am already eyeing my next visit here, which will be this winter together with the Dutchman. It must be breath taking to see the place all-white covered in snow. So looking forward now!

Visit Period: September 2012
Destination: Hoofddorp, Haarlemmermeer (North Holland), The Netherlands

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