Friday, October 05, 2012

Santiago de Cuba: A ride with Jorge in his 1930’s Ford convertible car

In Cuba, Blondine and I drank, errr feasted I mean, on cocktails, especially mojitos, the country’s national drink. At the lobby restaurant of our hotel—Hotel Casa Granda we sipped on mojitos at every chance we get. It’s very warm so a mojito drink is always welcome to quench the thirst. Hotel Casa Granda have the best mojitos in Cuba!

While settling our bill at the lobby restaurant for the mojitos, we spotted this beautiful black 1930’s Ford convertible car parked across the street below the cathedral. We’ve had the chunky American vintage car experience several times already, here in Santiago de Cuba and in Havana as well, but we’ve never ridden in a vintage convertible car.

Meet our cabbie, Jorge! He’s such a sweet man. He is like a harmless papa teddy bear.

It’s actually past the lunch hour already and we haven’t had our lunch yet. I’ve read online about this fish restaurant on stilts located in an island nearby town. To get there we would have to take a 15-minute cab ride and then change over to a boat. The whole idea of crossing the waters just to eat at this restaurant thrills us. I heard that the views are spectacular as well.

Jorge brought us to the boat terminal and explained to us how the boat schedule works. He then volunteered to wait for us until we finished our lunch in the island. Good idea because transport between the boat terminal and Santiago de Cuba city centre is a major challenge. There are no public buses between and there are rarely taxis queuing outside as well.

Here are more pictures:

Blondine and moi with our mojitos at the lobby restaurant of Hotel Casa Granda.

Here is a quick video I took during the vintage convertible ride:

Up next, our boat trip and lunch in the island.

Travel Period: May 2012
Destination: Santiago de Cuba (Santiago de Cuba), Cuba

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