Thursday, October 04, 2012

A taste of real Cuban Coffee at ‘Cafe Mama Ines’ in Santiago de Cuba

I am not joking when I say that you can get very good coffee anywhere in Cuba. It is a known fact. Cuba produces some of the best coffee in the world. You can get excellent coffee in the country even from a little rundown café restaurant along the highway. It doesn’t matter where you order your coffee, you are always guaranteed of a very good coffee experience in Cuba. Especially if you like it strong, like me.

Ay! Mama Ines is a popular Cuban song.

In Santiago de Cuba we discovered this café specialising in coffee—the ‘Café Mama Ines’ located across Plaza de Marte. It’s reminiscent of the local Starbucks without the marketing bells and whistles, the thousands of branches and the frappucinos. I’m not even sure if the café has other branches in Cuba or if this is the only one.

Anyhow the avaricious me ordered 2 different types of coffee. Actually, I wanted to taste them all, haha.

1) ‘Cubano café’ –A normal coffee which is like the Italian espresso. This is very good!
2) ‘Café con ron’ –Rum coffee which is like the Italian espresso + rum. I so love this! You know, I like alcohol.

Blondine was too Dutch and gave in to ‘café con leche’, the nearest they have to cappucino.

In summary, the café is unpretentious, they serve superb coffee, and is a timely place to stay for a breather on a hot and humid afternoon in Santiago de Cuba. It’s air-conditioned!

Café Mama Ines is the closest one can get to experiencing a chic Cuban coffee culture experience in the country. I am very glad that we have found this place in Santiago de Cuba. I really enjoyed my coffee here.

Cafe con ron (Rum Coffee). I could use another serving.

The coffee are served in interesting cups as well.

It's like Starbucks, the place is frequented by young people, students and all. There was even a couple beside us who were doing Bible study? Eh, reminds me of my religious days in the Philippines.

If you are in Santiago de Cuba and looking for a coffee fix? Go here!

Travel Period: May 2012
Destination: Santiago de Cuba (Santiago de Cuba), Cuba

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