Sunday, October 21, 2012

Breakfast in a Chapel in Booschenhoofd and meeting Elvis Presley

At the end of August, Dutchman and I were in the southernmost part of North Brabant, near the Belgian border for an event from the company I work for. Partners were invited to join.

We are a Benelux organisation (Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg, that is part of a bigger European and Worldwide entity) so location is quite important when organising such events. The border area is always an interesting meet up point so people do not have to travel that far.

We stayed at this business hotel, ‘De Reiskoffer’ (translation: The Luggage) from the Golden Tulip Hotels in Bosschenhoofd (part of the Halderberge municipality), but the village is better known as Seppe due to the little Seppe airport nearby.

What makes this hotel cool is that it used to be a hermitage and the breakfast room is located inside the impressive chapel. That is really cool. I sat there eating my breakfast with my neck stretched out and eyes staring at the open truss high ceiling.

In northern Europe, many religious organisations are going out of business. Religion has become passe.

You can see abbeys, churches, chapels and such bought by companies and turned into hotels, restaurants, offices, shops, etcetera. The government however holds very strict regulations regarding the maintenance of the property, such as the new landlords cannot change the façade and architectural details and anything that is of historical importance.

Then we had dinner in a nearby village.

This was a nice dinner, Dutch style of course. Presentation could have been better but we are in Dutch territory. We had a cheese buffet as well which was lovely. 4 stars out of 5.

By the way, my recent cravings at home are grapes + blue cheese (the stinkier the smell and stronger the taste, the better!) + dried sausage (Italian please) + red wine (smooth and strong please). Sometimes I just have them for dinner.

And we had a surprise visitor during dinner: Elvis Presley!

It was a fun night. The next morning I had a hangover =(

Travel Period: August 2012
Destination: Booschenhoofd (Halderberge - North Brabant), The Netherlands

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