Monday, October 22, 2012

Dancing the night away in Casa de la Trova in Santiago de Cuba

The blood that is MUSIC and DANCE runs in every Cuban’s veins. People there live to sing and dance. This is really serious business in Cuba.

In every town and city in the country, they have a ‘Casa de la Trova’. It’s a community social centre where the locals from the neighbourhood gather in the evening together except that playing music and dancing are on top of the agenda. In Santiago de Cuba they have opened the Casa de la Trova to tourists for a minimal fee of CUC$5 per person. In fact, the Casa de la Trova in Santiago de Cuba is the most famous because they feature the unique musical style—‘Son’.

Naturally, Blondine and I did not let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass. We had luck as well because the Casa de la Trova is located just beside our hotel, Hotel Casa Granda. So very near, we can go back to our room late!

So we went and paid, and we took our seats right on the front row. Perfect, we have the best seat in the casa.

The night started with some cha-cha-cha dancing. Blondine and I were invited by the local males to dance with them but we were coy--NOT. Well, our apologies misters, Blondine and I are allergic to dancing. We just came to watch and enjoy the music really, so kindly leave us alone please =)

Honestly, I don’t think Blondine and I will ever let our hair down. It’s just not us—well, unless we are with our partners, then that changes the situation drastically. In our travels, we are constantly plagued and felt the need to show off our prim and proper behaviour. It is something that is unnatural that has become natural. Am I making sense? Or am I truly getting old? All that fun and wild night life does not interest us anymore. I know it sounds pretty boring, but its part of growing old (and becoming responsible like behaving your age--Hi, I am 42).

Or like I said, it is just not us, or not for us.

Anyway, the entertainment started with the ‘Son’ band and a female guest singer. Then a couple, who are part of the act, came forward and danced together. Here is the video below:

Then later into the night, after the band and dancers have gone around selling their CD's and asking for tips, they opened again the dance floor for everyone to dance the night away. I took another video of everyone getting into the groove on the dance floor:

As you can see, it is quite busy at Santiago de Cuba's Casa de la Trova. Everyone here wants to jiggle and party, well except us, the boring ladies who just want to watch, haha.

So, when you find yourself in Santiago de Cuba, do not miss Casa de la Trova!

And oh, this is what we ate for our last evening in Santiago de Cuba, at Hotel Casa Granda. We were so full from the El Cayo Restaurant lunch bingeing that I opted for vegetables and a yummy pina colada. Blondine was craving for pizza though. Then we had coffee and an egg flan.

For the next day we are off to the eastern part of Cuba, to the islands, to Cayo Coco!

Travel Period: May 2012
Destination: Santiago de Cuba (Santiago de Cuba), Cuba

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