Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Foreword to Seoul

I just cannot contain my excitement as I had just booked our Hanok stay in Seoul, South Korea!

This is the Hanok village but not the Hanok house that we will be staying at though.

To experience real Korean culture in a traditional Korean setting, my plan was really to book a Hanok accommodation but I was gravely turned off at the idea of sharing bathrooms and toilets with strangers, which is the case with most Hanok stays. This is a deal breaker for me. I just CANNOT do it. Many Hanok stay offers looked horrible as well. But after much looking around I found a beautiful renovated Hanok house offering a room with its own private bathroom and toilet.

Moreover, the Hanok house is located in the most authentic Hanok Village in the core centrum of Seoul. A stone's throw away from the major sights and attractions. So happy!

Here is a recent article from CNN GO about Hanok stays: 5 reasons to stay at a Hanok while travelling in Korea

One more week to go and I will say hello to my new Hanok Village.

Travel Period: October 2012
Destination: Seoul, South Korea

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