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Lovely lunch at Restaurante El Cayo in Santiago de Cuba

Blondine and I were so glad we went to this special not-easily-reachable seafood restaurant in an island. It’s one of the highlights of our stay in Santiago de Cuba. The restaurant is just out of the ordinary.

This is the El Cayo restaurant on stilts located in an island.

Boat ride to El Cayo Restaurant

Here is a quick video of the boat ride to the fish restaurant:

And here is us of course in the boat:

Restaurante El Cayo

The restaurant is located in an island and it sits on the water on stilts. In order to get to here, which is about a 15-minute ride from Santiago de Cuba city centre, you would need to board on the bucanero boat to take you to the fish restaurant. The boat ride is about 10 minutes.

The food here is very good. I have mentioned before that food presentation in Cuba cuisine is not a strength but Cuban food is actually quite tasty. I’d give the food here at Restaurant El Cayo 4.5 stars out of 5.

We love the views here as well. Blondine and I are absolute suckers for dining with a view. Relaxing while slowly enjoying our food is the name of the game. So that goes to say that our experience here is a success in our book.

A relaxing almuerzo with views

Now, here is our lunch! A nice loooong lunch of different varieties of seafood and lovely seaviews. We really loved this.

Some bread rolls with butter, fish sticks and chilled white wine.

Seafood mix with 2 types of fish, peeled shrimps and boneless lobster.

Cuban salad: cucumber, beet root and cabbage strips.

I cannot remember the name of this fish.

Can you see the views? Smile, we are on camera =)

Our waiter was quite nice and attentive. Gracias.

The surroundings

While waiting for our boat back to the main island, I checked out a little but the surroundings of the restaurant.

Locals hanging around the restaurant.

I think the restaurant only serves lunch, I am not sure anymore, but the restaurant’s opening times are dependent on the boat terminal’s services. If there is no boat service, the restaurant is obviously closed .

It also seems that the restaurant only caters to tourists—mainly the packaged type or on-tour type of tourists. We noticed that most of the people who came to dine were large groups, and they are usually older people. There were very few people that came here independently like us. We did saw 2 couples from Germany though.

Highly recommended if you set foot in Santiago de Cuba!

Travel Period: May 2012
Destination: Santiago de Cuba (Santiago de Cuba), Cuba

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