Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nightlife and dinner in Mytilene and some thoughts on beauty

Dutchman and I were really surprised with the nightlife in Mytilene.

Firstly, it is FULL of locals, mostly the younger group—15 years old to 30. I have mentioned before that Lesvos Island is not a very touristy island. The holidaymakers are mostly concentrated up north where the resorts are located. Thus Mytilene was really a local haven. There are few holidaymakers here.

Secondly, the nightlife scene is quite mature in the sense that you don’t see wild teenagers strutting in Spice Girls outfits and thick makeup with lipstick colour matching their pumps, and groups of rowdy and intoxicated Backstreet Boys vomiting on the pavement. I remember Dutchman and I watching these groups in Crete and Kos.

Thirdly, the night life scene is outdoors. Well, I am sure there are nightclubs and discotheques but the main scene is concentrated along the harbour. It’s like a one big outdoor lounge where people can chat and laugh with friends whilst drinking cocktails and listening to music.

Dutchman and I stationed ourselves in one of the cool looking places called ENVY for our pre-dinner drinks. I didn’t order alcohol because I was thirsty. It is very hot in Greece during the summer months.

Afterwards we walked back to the corner of the harbour where many ‘dinner’ restaurants are located. You see, the other side of the harbour are mainly catering to the nightlife drinking patrons while the other side you would see more diners.

I chose the very Greek themed restaurant in blue and white and took a table right beside the water. Dutchman ordered grilled chicken kebab with side dishes which he said was really good. I ordered grilled octopus and a steamed green leafy vegetable that looks like spinach. I really loved the grilled seafood and the vegetable. I could eat this for days. 4.5 stars our of 5!

There is no way I will know the name of the restaurant. It is all Greek to me!

My dinner: Grilled octopus and steamed leafy vegetable. Dutchman's: Grilled chicken kebab with side potatoes.

At the restaurant we were serenaded twice. And Dutchman was playing with the fishes along the harbour as well, throwing bread and such.

When dinner was done we moved to a nearby café for some coffee and local Greek MTV watching.

In Greece, which reminds me of the Philippines, there is so much emphasis and praise on the beauty of a woman. You can see this on their music videos gracing only elaborately dressed and made up to the nines women. I have thought of these once before as a very normal societal characteristic—the showing off and the praising of beauty oftentimes promoted as a sublime occurrence (especially in Asia and the Philippines), but having lived in the Netherlands for 10 years where logic rules and the senses takes a backseat, I was in for a little, well just a little bit, of culture shock.

A woman’s beauty and femininity in the lowlands are not seen as exceptional, thus they are not that highly prized. My wearing of high-heels have become a discussion and sometimes, a running joke (that I do not mind at all).

At any rate, the Dutch will clearly tell you--Be normal.

I am going to Asia (Korea and Philippines) in less than 2 weeks and I am sure I will be in for a major reverse culture shock.

Travel Period: June-July 2012
Destination: Mytilene (Lesvos Island), Greece

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