Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On the road to Cayo Coco: Cow Traffic and the Toilet from Hell

So now that Santiago de Cuba is behind us we are an experience richer!

Our next destination in the agenda is Cayo Coco—the islands or the keys. This is where the famous Cuban beaches are located, in the eastern part of Cuba. We will be staying in a 4-star beach resort.

The drive from Santiago de Cuba to Cayo Coco is about 7 hours. We will be making 2 stops.

Cow Traffic: Mooooo!

While on the road, we saw cows joining lazily in the traffic. The biggest hazard in driving in Cuba are animals  that think the highways are their domain. I have a horrifying animal encounter on the road story to share later.

And then we saw the usual scenery on the Cuban highways.

The Toilet from Hell

Then we have to make the necessary stop—our FIRST stop nearby Holguin, because nature called us to do THE deed. We’ve probably driven about 2-3 hours already.

This is the roadside café restaurant that we had the stopover. And because nature called us to stop here we proceeded to their toilet.

The toilet from HELL! EWWWW. The picture did not do justice, the toilet was really so bad in person.

When I saw this, I was speechless and my body hairs were literally standing! Goosebumps. I wanted to run away but I realised that I am a girl scout (and Blondine as well) who deals with the situation at hand. So I held my breath, make sure I balance myself well without touching anything (so gross!) and just stared at the ceiling (because I don’t want to see the hell around me) while doing the deed. UGH.

I was so proud of myself after. I did it!!!

Back at the café restaurant we bought some soda. Yep, this is a cafeteria in Cuba.

And we saw some locals stopping by as well for drinks and some socialising.

It is now time to go back driving and be on the road. We still have another 4 hours to reach Cayo Coco. Wish us the best!

Travel Period: May 2012
Destination: Holguin (Holguin), Cuba

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