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Premier of ‘Gesneuveld’ at the 32nd Netherlands Film Festival: The reality of losing someone you love

Last night, Sunday, 30 September, Blondine and I attended the premier of the documentary film ‘Gesneuveld’ (translation: ‘Killed’) at the 32nd Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht Stadsschouwburg.

Official showing of the Gesneuveld film in cinemas and theaters next week, 11 October 2012.

The evening was full of dignitaries mostly from the political and military scene. TV-media personalities in the country were there as well. And the most eligible bachelor in the Netherlands, (demissionair) Prime Minister Mark Rutte was of course there! A quick tete-a-tete with him over champagne would have been nice, but we are so sorry Mr. Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Blondine and I are already taken. LOL =)

As for the film, I have 2 words in Dutch—‘Indrukwekkend’ and ‘Intens’.

Between 2006 and 2010, TWENTY-FIVE Dutch military officers and enlisted personnel were killed in Afghanistan during the Peace Corps Mission.

The film talks about the surviving loved ones, how they try to pick up their daily normal lives after losing their husband, son, brother and friend. The documentary has successfully captured the reality—the truth behind and the aftereffects of losing someone you dearly love. The unbelief, the grief, the disappointment and the strength and will to move on with life.

The film is very real, raw and powerful. It touches the human soul deeply. And I must admit that I did shed a tear.

So when the film was over, I felt a wave of emptiness in me with the question—‘What’s next?’ I am sure this is the feeling the surviving loved ones have gone through, but worse. Much, much... worse. I wish them all the best.

I did not plan to take pictures of the event. Not even during the welcome drinks and after-the-show drinks + socialising. It's just awkward. I am not a paparazzi! But honestly, I was shy, haha. But I managed to take a picture with my iphone the theater's stage, including this person's head sitting in front of me.

Blondine and I also did some picture-taking on the red carpet (feeling celebrities haha) but they came out blurry. We managed to take another shot of us though outside the Stadsschouwburg.

Here is a press release from the Dutch government (in Dutch): 'Premiere Gesneuveld indrukwekkend'
An excerpt from the Netherlands Film Festival website (in Dutch): 'GESNEUVELD in premiere op de 32e Nederlands Film Festival'

Here is the movietrailer (in Dutch). The film will be available in cinemas and theatres on 11 October.

30 September 2012
32nd Netherlands Film Festival
Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, The Netherlands

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