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Restaurant in a Historical Barracks in Naarden: Aquavite

There is another charismatic and delightful (Italian) restaurant that I discovered to add to the list—‘Restaurant Aquavite’ in Naarden, Het Gooi.

This one-of-a-kind restaurant is located in a very special historical place. Well, to begin with, Naarden as a whole is a historical town inside a medieval fortress. Yet, this particular restaurant is exquisitely housed inside the circa 1679 Promers Barracks, carved out of the terrain of the south eastern bastion that protects the entire town from enemy attacks during the Middle Ages.

During summer the restaurant opens its little terrace.

I did not bring lunch with me and I did not have outside appointments so I made a quick visit. I took my seat outside in the terrace of course and ordered my ‘tuna salad’ lunch and a glass of chilled rose wine.

aquavite naarden
aquavite naarden

This was a very nice tuna salad lunch.

aquavite naarden
aquavite naarden

Closing the lunch with an espresso.

aquavite naarden

Ooops, sorry I got this blurry. This is the restaurant indoors.

aquavite naarden

The tuna salad was lovely, it’s a 4.2 stars out of 5 in my book. They also gave me yummy Italian desserts to go with my coffee.

I would love to come here again for lunch, or perhaps dinner. I so love the restaurant’s charming setting! Not only it is historical, but it is peculiar as well. It is unique. A restaurant inside a barracks? Inside a late 15th century bastion that once served as defender of the town? That is just so cool.

Located inside the Promers Barracks are offices as well. The French clothing brand, Marithe Francois Girbaud and the Dutch magazine I read from time to time, LINDA have their offices here.

Check out some more pictures of the renovated barracks. Oh, I mean the offices:

barracks naarden

Can you imagine this as your office?

Love this skylight roofing. The circa 1679 barracks turned restaurant and offices are under the ground. It is part of the stronghold, the ground fortress that protects Naarden. 

I think I need to schedule another visit here soon...

Visit Period: July 2012
Destination: Naarden (Het Gooi), The Netherlands

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