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Lesvos, Greece: The fishing and mountain villages of Sykaminea

In Greece, or perhaps this was only in Lesvos Island, it is very common for locals to name two nearby villages with the same name. Like Sykaminea (or Sikaminia) for example. There are two Sykamineas in Lesvos Island, the mountain village—Sykaminea, and the fishing village—Skala Sykaminea. They are two separate villages about 2-3 kilometres from each other but they belong together.

From Mithymna, Dutchman and I came here via the off-the-beaten-track, the rough cliff roads that has majestic views to the North Aegean Sea. As we journeyed on the unpaved roads, we could see Turkey from a distance.

It wasn’t really a nice ride because Dutchman had to manoeuvre the scooter in such a way that we are not hitting the rocks and the holes. It was definitely the road less travelled because we almost did not see anyone and there were rarely houses along the road as well. We thought it was a 30-minute ride but I think it was longer. Anyhow, it was surely an adventure!

Here are the pictures of the fishing village—Skala Sykaminea:

Skala Sykaminea is a lovely place to have lunch and just chill out. There are a number of beautiful and cosy open-air café terraces and restaurants here on the harbour.

Octopus tentacle drying, a local delicacy for dinner--Grilled Octopus, my favourite!

This is the Chapel of Panagia Gorgona.

And here are the pictures of the mountain village—Sykaminea. The mountain village on the other hand is quite unobtrusive, but it offers beautiful views though down to sister village, Skala Sykaminea and the surrounding mountains.

Olive trees are everywhere. Lesvos Island is very rich and green. It has more than 11 million olive trees planted.

Here is the off-the-beaten track unpaved road along the island cliffs that we took from Mithymna to (Skala) Sykaminea:

Travel Period: June-July 2012
Destination: Sykaminea (Mithymna – Lesvos Island), Greece

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