Thursday, November 22, 2012

Business lunch inside the Philips (PSV) football stadium

The 35,000-seater Philips Stadium (Philips Stadion in Dutch) is the home base of PSV Eindhoven football team. You might wonder why the stadium is called Philips? The headquarters of electronics consumer goods, lighting and medical machinery producer, Philips, is located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Eindhoven is also dubbed by the locals as the ‘city of light’, because of Philips.

Official website: Philips Stadion

I'm sure, this is the best area when there is a game. A relaxed cafe seating with some beers while cheering for PSV or your favourite football team.

I had a salad with smoked salmon and deep-fried buttered shrimps.

I was here at the Philips Stadium last month for lunch. I gave my business partner the flexibility to choose the restaurant and I wasn’t really expecting much but was hoping he will chose something nice and unique. Now I was totally over the moon when he said we will be lunching inside the football stadium! Oh wow =)

The café restaurant is: ‘Eetcafe De Verlenging’ located on the corner side of the football stadium. Because it’s late into autumn, we decided to sit inside.

There are two other restaurants inside the stadium as well (located above Eetcafe De Verlenging) but they would be appropriate for a dinner event. They are ‘Avante-Garde’ and ‘De Blauwe Lotus’. However for lunch, ‘Eetcafe De Verlenging’ would be the most apt and reasonable choice.

Visit Period: October 2012
Destination: Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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