Monday, November 19, 2012

Quickie stroll on Arenberg Castle grounds and the failed ‘Steak Tartare’ dinner

Just before dinner, I went for a quick stroll on the grounds of Arenberg Castle while I left the Dutchman snoozing in bed at the renovated old farmhouse hotel. He’s catching up some sleep due to my drunken state the other night. Guilty, I left him alone to recover.

The Arenberg Chateau dates back to 1515. It is now the main building of the Faculty of Engineering of Leuven Catholic University.

The Arenberg Castle located in the outskirts of Leuven and one of the fine attractions of the city is now a property of Leuven Catholic University. The lovely and elegant chateau and the well-maintained castle grounds are open to the public. A stay at ‘The Lodge Heverlee’ is not complete without taking a stroll on the castle grounds. Afterall, it is just located across it.

It was getting dark so I didn’t explore the entire castle grounds, instead, I went back to the farmhouse hotel and woke the Dutchman up for dinner. But before going out for dinner though I treated myself again to a stroll on the grounds of Arenberg Castle, this time with the Dutchman who seemed to like the green surroundings.

Since we will be having breakfast the next day at the ‘Oude Kantine’ restaurant of our farmhouse hotel, we hopped over the street to the sister café and restaurant called ‘The Lodge’ for dinner. This is by the way a separate restaurant across the hotel that is named after the hotel. I hope that is not confusing?

Nevertheless, the dinner turned out to be a major let-down. Dutchman did not expect to have a pound of grated still-red-and-very-raw beef on his plate. Steak Tartare is raw meat, yes, but not as raw as this (see picture below).

The idea is to actually mix the raw egg, onions and capers together with the ground raw beef. However, Dutchman thought the meat was too primal and unprocessed. He felt like a cannibal. Eeeww, haha! He must have in mind the best steak tartare we had in Potsdam, Germany early this year. Poor Dutchman.

I on the other hand have made a decision to try their ‘Thai Green Curry Shrimp’. The dish was nothing to rave about but it was good food. But then again, I am not really a curry person so perhaps I am not the best person to gauge good curry from excellent curry. Not a fan of thick sauces, I just ate the shrimps.

We are in beer land so I had a Stella Artois while Dutchman settled for  a cola.

The failed (too raw) steak tartare dinner. Poor Dutchman.

My shrimps floating in thick green curry.

'The Lodge' cafe and restaurant they serve you with their coffee signature tray. They give you a free liquour shot (only in the evening), light chocolate pudding and a lady finger cookie.

After dinner and coffee we were soooo looking forward to going back to our renovated old farmhouse hotel. It is just across the street and we cannot wait to relax and then sleep on the comfy bed.

Tomorrow will be a very slow day, beginning with a late breakfast, then a stroll again on the Arenberg Castle grounds and its surroundings, and after that we will have afternoon drinks at The Lodge before driving back to the Netherlands.

Wikipedia: Arenberg Chateau

Travel Period: September 2012
Destination: Leuven (Flemish Brabant), Belgium

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