Monday, November 12, 2012

So we are back in the cold country

Yup, we are back in the cold country. We arrived in Amsterdam from Seoul last night, and today was my first day at work. I was in the south of the country this morning giving 2 sets of training to my customer, followed by a typical yet very unhealthy Dutch lunch that I ordered for everyone—‘patatwagen’. Everyone seems to love it.

After the heavy lunch my jet lag started to slowly creep up on me. So I made sure that I drink black coffee before hitting the road. I badly need 2 hours of driving concentration.

Sadly, the cold, and coupled with the jet lag, have totally dampened my spirits today. I am tired. I am having post-holiday-syndrome. And I miss Cebu already. I’m not sure why but this holiday has really hit me straight home. Perhaps I am getting old. Dutchman and I would have loved to stay a few more days.

On the other hand it is so orderly here in the Netherlands. There is no chaos on the roads. The highways are like football fields. There are no wires sticking out of the ground and hanging from the posts. No potholes. No one is walking on the highways and vehicles drive right! And I have to get used to the silence. No one is honking their horns? I even have to get used to driving my own car. For a moment, I didn’t know where to press the cruise control button and I forgot that I have automatic car sensors. I am experiencing reverse culture shock.

Anywho, I am loving the colourful autumn leaves. They will be fleeting though because I can feel the cold biting winter coming. I think I need some sleep.

November 2012
Pictures taken in Limburg province (near Maastricht)

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