Saturday, November 10, 2012

Spending time with 'Rock' BFF in Cebu

In Cebu I met up with my BFF ‘Badiday’. We used to pull overnighters together after school and talk until the break of dawn. We just talk about anything really. It’s amazing when women of like-minds get together, they talk non-stop, haha.

She treated Dutchman and I for lunch at Chocolatier in Ayala Terraces. I’ve said many times that I do not have a sweet tooth, however, this café seems to know what they are doing. In Visayan lingo—‘Dili siya lu-od. Dili ka maumay.’

We had the King's and Garden Salads (plus point: they serve the dressing separately), some churros and crepes with fruits in white chocolate sauce. 4 stars out fo 5.

Then we checked out Ayala Mall a bit and the jewellery sale in the basement. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time because we spent the whole afternoon talking. Her kids are already waiting for her and I have to send Dutchman off as well to a nearby mall for his ‘to-buy’ lists before we meet up with my cousins for dinner. Lots of last-minute stuff in this holiday!

BFF Badiday just recently started her own School of (Rock) Music this year. She’s been in the music industry her whole life. Her family’s business are veterans in the music industry in Cebu as well as in the whole Philippines, supplying the city and the country with musical instruments. I’m really happy that she has finally decided to start something of her own.

Here is a press release from the newspaper Inquirer of her new venture: School earns by teaching students how to rock

Here is her school’s facebook page: Salonga School of Rock

If you are in Cebu and looking for events and stage production, as well as you want to learn how to rock (especially for children), check them out! They are the experts and you will be in good hands.

Travel Period: November 2012
Destination: Cebu, Philippines

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