Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Christmas Dinner

So our 2012 Christmas Dinner was held last night, the 2nd day of Christmas. This time the hostess/host is the eldest Dutch sister and her family. My present for her were some chocolate bonbons that I bought in Brussels 2 weeks ago.

We started with tea and amandelstaaf (a typical Dutch pastry for the season) over conversations. Then aperitifs--port.

And listened to Peppie playing the piano =)

Then I started making the starters—ravioli filled with spinach. I’m not the best cook in the world so there is definitely room for improvement! I always tell myself that when I retire, I would spend a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting on new recipes. For now that takes a back seat.

Then the hosts were busy preparing for the main part of the dinner! For 15 people.

And the main part of the dinner with lots of side dishes. Main is beefsteak topped with pate and champignons and green beans wrapped with bacon on the side. More side dishes: baked potato and pears, chicken pie, steamed brocolli and stewed pears and fussili pasta with lentils.

I also made the green salad here garnished with black olives, radish, walnuts and stinton blue cheese.

Then comes the crazy dessert. We had in total a choice of FIVE DESSERTS! It was impossible to have everything but I had to taste them all. They were too sweet but all good. My favourites were the tiramisu, creme brulee, cherries and cream with cookie crust and strawberry compote with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Almost everything I guess =)

After dinner we gathered together in the living room for coffee and watched concert highlights of Patrick Bruel, Jamie Cullum in Blenham Palace and Simply Red in Cuba.

December 2012
IJsselstein, The Netherlands

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