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Chilling out in Mactan at Crimson Beach Resort & Spa

Come to think about it, it is barely a month and a half since we were in Cebu, Philippines. It felt now like it has been forever. Time flies so fast indeed when you are busy (and enjoying) with life.

I am looking forward to visiting my hometown again next year.

Now, when Dutchman and I arrived in Cebu from Seoul (more entries of our trip to Seoul to come soon, just switching to Cebu for now) last October, my parents deposited us the next day at the 5-star Crimson Beach Resort & Spa in Mactan Island, Cebu. It’s their welcome to Cebu treat for us.

Well, it’s nice to have a sponsor sometimes so Dutchman and I are not complaining =)

After a 5-day city trip in Seoul this is a nice and timely respite. We basically did nothing here but chill. Maximum chill. We spent most of our days at the bar by the pool and beach. I made a separate entry about this a while back, go here: Hanging out at Azure Pool Bar

Trivia: Did you know that most beach resorts in Mactan Island have man-made white beaches?

Hello there!

Looks like the pool is one with the sea.

Unfortunately all the sunbeds on the beach were taken.

Food here is okay. It could be better considering that this resort has a 5-star rating.

I have to tell this story though since it had to do with food. There was this middle-aged American guy relaxing beside us at the Azure Pool Bar. He was alone, and he complained incessantly about his food not being cooked well and so forth. I was actually having a nap when I was roused by this man during one of his many attempts at complaining. Americans tend to have high-pitched louder than normal voices, so yes, his high-pitched voice woke me up from my slumber.

Nevertheless, the waitress had to bring back his hamburger order 3x to the kitchen! And she was apologising profusely to him like he is god almighty. American guy said it is not her fault and he will personally go to the kitchen and complain to whoever has authority there.

Dutchman and I were looking at each other with WTF written across our faces, haha.

I dont know who to feel sorry for? The American who did not get what he wants? Or the waitress who could not stop apologising?

The next day we saw the American guy again at the Saffron Restaurant sitting across us during breakfast. Guess what he was doing this time? Complaining again about his food! He even went to great lengths lecturing the wait staff manning the buffet on what needs to be done.

Oh dear me. All I can think was--Such a difficult person to please, I am glad I am not dating this guy!

On the second night, the whole family had dinner at the Saffron Restaurant in the resort. We took one of those private rooms so we can have some privacy.

We ordered ala carte instead of availing the buffet. You know, you can only eat so much.

Service personnel were very courteous, as usual. Filipinos by default are courteous and very hospitable people . Perhaps an overkill because I had an overdose of it. I mean at every corner I turn to I see a Crimson personnel, who upon seeing me, drops whatever he or she is doing and greets me excitedly—‘Good morning/afternoon/evening maám!’ with his or her hand placed across the heart.

At first it was—‘Oh WOW, how nice and courteous these people are!’ But multiply that 50x a day and at some point you really get dizzy of the act. I know, Filipinos just do not know when to stop (being nice), huh? LOL

Dutchman was getting tired of it as well and he finally asked me, ‘Why do they do that? Place their hand on their chest when they greet guests?’

I told him—It is supposed to mean that their greeting is coming from the heart.

Well, with all due respect, it looks like a SOP thing already. It’s like having a call centre agent on the line who is following his or her call script. Please, it is not natural anymore. It is OA (overacting).

Tip to the management at Crimson: Your service personnel do not have to greet your guests every second around the clock nor place their hand across their hearts. A big and friendly smile or nod will do!

Our room—it is quite big with a little garden view from the tub. The bed was lovely.

The downside at this resort is the internet. They say that they have free internet but it is uber slow. And they also lock many internet addresses. For example, I cannot load my blog using their internet access. I get a message saying that the site is not accessible so I asked reception about this and was informed that I will have to go to their IT and request for access of the said internet address.

What the heck? It is just a blog, not a porn site, ok? Nevertheless, since I am by no chance like the American guy who would go to great lengths in the complaining department, I just shrugged off my hopes of using the internet at this resort. There’s better things to do, or not to do.

Managed to find a sunbed under the shade.

All in all, we had a very nice and relaxing stay at Crimson Beach Resort & Spa. This is a place to chill out, not a place to be on active holiday because there is not much to do inside, outside and nearby the resort.

Thanks again Mom and Dad for the lovely treat!

Travel Period: November 2012
Destinaiton: Mactan Island (Cebu), Philippines

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