Wednesday, January 09, 2013

An afternoon in Ampelia Beach and the village of Skoutaros

During our summer holiday in Lesvos Island, Dutchman and I did many afternoons of beaching and visiting mountain villages. Skoutaros was one of the mountain villages we visited, as well as the hidden and tranquil Ampelia Beach located nearby. I think Ampelia Beach is part of Skoutaros.

Ampelia is quite secluded and serene with very little general public enjoying the beach. There is only one restaurant here, a bar and fish taverna. It’s basically a black and stony beach, and the stones are quite huge so to speak. But we love the privacy here so we stayed longer. The water was a bit cold but you get used to it after some time.

Afterwards, we went with the scooter to nearby village Skoutaros. The village colour theme here is beige yellow and mint green. Never thought the colour combination would work. It was very quiet so we just sat in the square as Dutchman read his book and I sat beside him appreciating the afternoon stillness.

We really like Lesvos Island in general, it’s far from mass tourism, no horde of tourists and the usual summer holidaymakers. It’s a very relaxed island fit for couples and older people.

This island is not for you if you are young and you want some action.

The secluded Ampeli Beach. There are not many people here.

The Dutchman and moi.

Ampelia and Skoutaros are the next towns eastbound from Anaxos, about 6-7 kilometres (8 kilometres from Petra proper). Ampelia and Skoutaros are part of Petra municipality.

Travel Period: June-July
Destination: Ampelia and Skoutaros, Petra (Lesvos Island – North Aegean Islands), Greece

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