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Fruits de Mer at Hotel New York Rotterdam

After much googling of possible cool with great reviews places to eat seafood in Rotterdam, I came across Hotel New York’s Oyster (& Seafood) Bar. Ah, give me seafood anytime and I am a very happy island gal.

Fruits de Mer at the Oyster Bar

Platter of Fruits de Mer.

Souvenir shop of vintage items at the Hotel New York Rotterdam located beside the entrance of the restaurant. 

So glad MadamE could join me for Saturday lunch when I was staying in Rotterdam for a weekend. She told me that she had some clairvoyance moment, that she was picturing herself eating seafood very soon. Well she’s right.

We arrived at the height of lunch time and it took awhile before we were led to our table. This place is incredibly buzzing! It is hands down a super popular place for people from all walks of life to lunch during weekends. I cannot blame them really because the Oyster Bar alone is enough to tempt and beckon seafood lovers like moi.

Finally we were seated and pouring over the lunch menu.

Cheers for chardonnay!

It didn’t take a long time to decide what lunch will be. MadamE beamed in delight when I ordered the fresh seafood platter, ‘Plateau Fruits de Mer’. Oooooh, we cannot wait.

While waiting for the seafood bounty, our Chardonnay drinks arrived. Cheers! Proost!

Busy preparing for our fresh seafood platter?

And here she is. Plateau Fruits de Mer. Love.

I wished I ordered an extra half dozen of fresh oysters.

Creme Brulee

For desserts, we both had creme brulee which was quite good. Creamy, and the sweetness is bearable. Then I had coffee of course as well. Lunch is not complete without this.

I love the ‘Oyster Bar’ at Hotel New York Rotterdam. I can come here every week!!! I will definitely come back.

Hotel New York Rotterdam

Here’s some history of Hotel New York Rotterdam, excerpt taken from their website:

“In earlier times, many Europeans escaped poverty and/or religious persecution by leaving from Rotterdam. These emigrants usually left for North America, hoping for a better life. In 1873 the Nederlandsch Amerikaanse Stoomvaart Maatschappij company was founded, officially renamed ‘Holland America Line’ in 1896. Emigrants embarked in Rotterdam in large numbers, most of them debarking in New York City on arrival in the ‘Promised Land’ of America.

In 1971, after more than 100 years of transporting passengers, the Nieuw Amsterdam left the city on the Maas for its last crossing. An important episode in Rotterdam’s nautical history had come to an end.”

The New York Hotel Rotterdam was previously Holland America Line’s headquarters. And New York City, USA was previously called New Amsterdam.

And the pictures of this bygone yesteryears hotel:

So there, some history lesson about Rotterdam. The hotel, a bit nostalgic isn’t she?

It was a lovely fresh seafood lunch and catch up with MadamE that spontaneously got extended to having tea in North Brabant.

Travel Period: January 2012
Destination: Rotterdam (South Holland), The Netherlands

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