Thursday, January 10, 2013

Passing by Ypsilou Monastery and the breath taking views

On the way to Sigri, a fishing village in the western part of Lesvos Island, we passed by Ypsilou Monastery nesting proudly on top of Mount Ordymnos, the highest peak in the area. Because this area and the main road are high up in the mountains, the scenery here is very lovely. It is very relaxing, its one of those places where you can reflect and think about your purpose in life.

Now I wanted to visit the Ypsilou Monastery but Dutchman was giving me looks so with that I didn’t insist. We were also on a little scooter and going up to the top of the mountain where the monastery sits might be a challenge. Not only is the road going up steep but it is awfully windy. In fact I quite dreaded the climb.

It’s so windy up here that locals have put up some windmills in the area, perhaps to generate power.

Enjoy the pictures!

This is the Byzantine Ypsilou Monastery also known as Moni Ypsilou by the locals. It is built in the 7th century by monks. The monk founder was said to have come all the way from Syria. When the Ottomans captured the island and seized the monastery, the monks were killed.

It is now an active monastery dedicated to St. John Theologus. There is a library and a museum in the monastery.

This area is between Antissa (mountain village) and Sigri (fishing village).

Travel Period: June-July 2012
Destination: Eresos-Andissa (Lesvos Island – North Aegean Islands), Greece

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