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Luxembourg: Visiting the ‘Grund’ and having a drink at Scott’s Pub

This is not my first time in the Grund (a quarter in Luxemburg Ville), but it’s my first time to really explore the area and even visit it’s most popular resident pub.

Here in the Grund you can find some of the postcard perfect sceneries and ideal picture-taking opportunities along the Alzette River. That’s one of the reasons why I came here. The other reason is to book my dinner reservation at 2-Michelin stars Mosconi Restaurant. I was so excited; I was really in the mood for some haute culinaire evening. However, when I arrived at the Grund, I saw a somber looking Mosconi. There were no lights and nothing is moving inside the restaurant. Why, the restaurant is closed!

This is one thing that is really strange in Luxemburg—most of its fine dining restaurants (in fact all Michelin-starred and GaultMillau restaurants) are closed in the weekend, even on a Saturday. It is quite maddening if you come here during the weekend and expect to dine haute cuisine. I did checked their website and the Relais & Chateaux website as well and they should be open Saturday evening. Helaas, not.

It clearly shows that the restaurant business is run by the corporate people during weekdays. More than 50% of the workers in the Grand Duchy are foreign. If they are not expats living there, they live in neighbouring countries such as Belgium, France and Germany. My theory is that, in the weekends, these expats and corporate people go back to their homes and eat home-cooked meals.

Nevertheless, my hopes of fulfilling my evening’s anticipated agenda was shattered. I felt like someone pulled the rug under my feet. You know I was already thinking what my starter is going to be like, what wine I will pair for my main, and oh, what would be the amuse-bouche surprise from the chef? Helaas, the restaurant is closed. Nada, so much for day dreaming.

So I salvaged my last ounce of cheer and crossed over to Scott’s Pub.

Scott's Pub on the left side building and the white building across with the street lamp is Mosconi.

Everyone who has been to Luxemburg on business or have lived here talks highly of Scott’s Pub. Dutchman who has been to Luxemburg many times for work told me that there is a nice pub in Grund that I really need to try. He meant Scott’s Pub of course. In the summer, its terrace on the Alzette River is open. This is by far the best place to chill out in the Grund during the warmer months.

I settled myself in front of the fireplace and ordered a glass of sparkling wine and some crisps. I am still seething inside of not being able to dine at Mosconi but I quite liked my cosy table at Scott’s Pub so I’m beginning to make amends with myself.

Trivia: Did you know that Luxemburg is one of the very few remaining developed cities that does not ban smoking inside bars and restaurants?

More pictures of the Grund:

When in Luxemburg, check out this small delightful place, the Grund.

Travel Period: January 2013
Destination: Grund (Luxemburg Ville) , Luxemburg

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