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Where to stay luxuriously in Luxemburg: Hotel Le Place d’Armes

For my weekend getaway in Luxemburg, I chose to stay at ‘Hotel Le Place d’Armes’, right in the heart of Luxemburg Ville, on Place d’Armes. It’s a 5-star boutique Relaix & Chateau hotel so I think I have definitely pampered myself very well. I must say that I felt very rested here.

Here’s some pictures I took:

The hotel offers fantastic service. I availed the valet and parking service for my car. Upon my arrival the service was straight away put to a test. Unfortunately I left my stole in the car and I need it badly as I will be going out. The lady at the reception offered to personally get it back for me. She went to the garage which is located in another area while I waited at next door’s Cafe de Paris sipping a lovely glass of port.

In Luxemburg, the parking police are notorious, they are everywhere busy doing their jobs and writing down tickets every hour. I was a victim almost 7 years ago when the parking police took my car here in Luxemburg. I was a careless stupid girl, parking my car on the invalid parking. To get my car back, I paid an incredible, actually, preposterous amount of money that could have paid a vacation already.

Lesson learned: Never ever mess with the parking police in Luxemburg!

The bed was very comfortable and I love the high-ceiling and country style woodwork.

I can be very picky with bathrooms. I rarely take baths in hotels because I get the icky feeling of laying down on the tub knowing that everyone else might have done the same thing. Plus my hairs stand if I inspect the sewage. But here at Le Place D'Armas Hotel, I pampered myself with a nice hot bath. The tub was super clean and huge. I felt safe haha.

Bath tubs with jets are a big NO-NO for me. Can you imagine all the human dirt and other stuff getting into (and clogging?) and between the jets? Eww. I do not trust housekeeping.

The hotel has so many luxurious salons. It is a maze of salons! My room was on the third floor and one time I decided to take the stairs instead of the lift. What happened: I got lost. I ended up in the inner courtyard where I am sure would be a lovely area of the hotel during summer. Then I found myself inside the La Cristallerie Restaurant but could not find any door leading to the lobby reception. Unfortunately when I got lost I did not have my camera with me so no pictures. After going around in circles and being led to corners, I finally found the stairs back to the reception.

Turn down service was lovely. They gave me some macarons and prepared my slippers on a mat beside my bed. Details.

Another plus point: All the lights in the room were centrally managed, with just a push of a button on my bed side table. That is just marvelous because I hate getting out of bed and turning off the lights.

I highly recommend this hotel. Hote Le Place D'Armas is a member of Relais & Chateaux.

Travel Period: January 2013
Destination: Luxemburg Ville, Luxemburg

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