Sunday, February 24, 2013

Brugge (Bruges) in pictures

Bru and I didn’t get to check the average temperature when we were in Brugge (Bruges) yesterday but it was pretty sure under 0C. The wind, gently whistling in the air, provided chilly moments as we weaved ourselves in the centrum of this romantic and picturesque little Belgian city. In other words: it was a (freaking) very cold day!

This is by the way my second time in Brugge, I was here 7 years ago with MadamE.

I am really glad we went to Brugge on a Saturday because today Sunday it is snowing. I think I’ve had enough snow this winter but unfortunately we still have a month to go to finish the winter season.

We had some coffee and croissants at the gas station by the border so we were both not really hungry when we arrived in the city. Instead we had our Belgian beer culinary introduction of course, a good dose of ‘Kwak’ and ‘Kriek’ beers at the market square.

Brugge is part of the Flanders Region (Dutch speaking, the locals are called Flemish) and you can visit the region’s tourism site here:

Visit Flanders
Visit Flanders – Brugge

Now let me show you lovely Brugge. Walk with me through my pictures below... but, hold on to your seats because this is going to be a long picture ride =)

At the Grote Markt (market square) with the imposing and grand Provincial Court. We were quite contented taking pictures with the magical architecture while many die-hard tourists upped their Brugge experience with a chilly horse-carriage sightseeing ride.

The Belfry on the Grote Markt. I would have climbed the bell tower if it was not freezing. I was really feeling cold and it reflects on my pictures, as if I am zapped out of life and blood, lol.

Aaahhhh, Belgium is one promiscuous chocolate...

I bought a little box of specialty chocolates here at Chocolatier Dumon for the Dutchman.

The typical Dutch-Flemish trapgevel (step gable roof) facade design architecture:

We bumped into a jovial and colourful circus street parade and Bru was covered in confetti, haha!

We went inside a pretty and feel-good home and kitchen store, Dille & Kamille on Simon Stevinplein. They actually have a branch here on the Oudegracht in Utrecht. None though in Amsterdam which is why Bru was quite thrilled (she lives in Amsterdam) to check it out. Its her first time at Dille & Kamille.

This is along Steenstraat (busy shopping street) and at the Simon Stevinplein (pretty square along Steenstraat).

We checked out the canal area and saw some people braving the cold. The open-air chilly horse carriages were not enough, others went on a windy and freezing sightseeing boat ride!

Can you imagine the picture below when it is summer ?

What else? A Belgian beer inspired scooter of course...

We did a little bit of window shopping and while we were so tempted to just break free and shop, we just did not have the luxury of time. I was seriously eyeing some nude pumps, the Furla candy bag and ballet flats for summer. Will come back to Belgium (maybe Antwerp as it is nearer) for some serious shopping + culinaire in spring.

Anyway, this hat is too huge for moi.

I was planning on going to the ‘De Halve Maan’, a private brewery but walking on the cold streets for hours has taken its toll on us. We were bbbbrrrrrr shivering COLD so we decided to let it go. We were also searching for the restaurant in a cathedral but couldn’t find it. And before we knew it, it was 16:30. Why, time has flewn by so quickly!

It is now time to seek some warm shelter and settle down for our Belgian/Flemish late lunch-early dinner. That would be in my next Brugge post.

Travel Period: February 2013
Destination: Bruges (West Flanders), Belgium

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