Thursday, March 07, 2013

A lovely cup of hot ginger tea at Dawon Korean Traditional Tea House in Insa-dong

Where do you go in Seoul to experience a traditional Korean tea moment in a traditional Korean tea house? That would be in no less artsy and historic Insa-dong.

I’ve read about Insa-dong’s chatjips (traditional tea houses) that are elusively tucked away in its small narrow alleys. You will have to navigate these backstreets fastidiously looking out for that most likely entrance door to a tea house.

Luckily, while wandering the alleys of Insadong, I came across the most popular Korean traditional tea house—‘Dawon’ located inside the garden of Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art (also known as Kung-In Art Gallery). This is the oldest tea house in Seoul and located in a traditional hanok house as well. It has a lovely courtyard terrace surrounded with beautiful cherry blossom trees.

Now, if you are wondering where the Dutchman is, we have decided to part ways for a few hours so I can do the stuff that I want, and he as well. Let’s face it and be honest with ourselves, men and women will always have different biddings in life. I am sure there will be stuff that I love that Dutchman will be repulsed at. Reality sucks, I know, haha.

So while I am enjoying my lovely hot exotic ginger tea in a traditional Korean tea house, and later I will be going shopping, the Dutchman is visiting the Korean War Memorial Museum somewhere in the city. I would not mind visiting this museum as well but a cup of tea in this time-honoured setting was surely more tempting =)

More reading for those who are interested: A cup of tea – Traditional Tea Houses of Insa-dong

This delightful ginger tea with pine nuts was sooo HOT, the ginger was quite sharp but sweet and tasty, and paired with puffed rice cookies. A lovely morning break and snack just before lunch.

Travel Period: October 2012
Destination: Insa-dong, Jongno-gu (Seoul Old City Centre), South Korea

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