Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A no skiing day and a tour of Saint Francois Longchamp village

On our last skiing day that our ski passes are still valid, which was a Friday, it rained and to add insult to this bad weather, I had a mild migraine. So I decided not to ski and spent the morning indoors recovering from the pain. Around noon time the migraine eased up a bit and I was looking to get out for some fresh air.

The plan was to take a walk around the 1540m village all the way up to the 1650m village. I was looking forward to score a nice item or find some gourmet stuff but all these would depend on what the shops have to offer.

Now come with me for a little walk around this mountain ski resort village including a quick peek to the local gourmet shops.

Saint Francois Longchamp 1650m. The numbers of the village corresponds to the altitude of the sub villages in Saint Francois Longchamp.

On the way to the main village.

Saw a group of children by the ski school ready for a snowshoeing journey.

I was in dried sausage heaven!

The bakery-chocolaterie-gourmet shop.

The main ski lift of Saint Francois Longchamp 1650.

Saw a number of Dutch guys dressed in animal suits... here are 3 of them.

View to Saint Francois Longchamp 1540m and 1650m villages.

Our village is the one right below.

This is the slope and ski lift from our village. 

Our village, Saint Francois Longchamp 1540m.

The next day Saturday we will be leaving the Alps and drive back to the Netherlands, however, we were told that heavy snow would fall in the evening and into the morning. Dutchman and I dreaded fitting the snow chains on the car.

Travel Period: January-February 2013
Destination: Saint Francois Longchamp (Savoie – Rhone-Alpes), France

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