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Mantamados village and St. Vasilios Church in Lesvos, Greece

When we were done with our light lunch at Taverna Vafios in Vafeios, Dutchman and I were again on the road with the scooter. We are going to Mantamados.

It was a very quiet afternoon when we arrived in Mantamados. The traditional village is known in the island for its pottery and ceramics, olive oil press, the Taxiarhis Monastery dating back to 1700’s and it’s patron saint Archangel Michael bringing pilgrims yearly to this place, and lastly, the beautiful circa 1750 Saint Vasilios Church with a remarkable black wood carved iconostatis.

The church was closed when I initially inspected it from its gate tower, when out of the blue, an aged man came rushing to my aid. He greeted me with a big smile and opened the gate for me, ushering me to follow him. I realised that he is the church keeper and he is actually opening the church for me to see it. Now that’s very nice.

Greek Orthodox Churches have beautiful, colourful and mysterious church interiors. When I stepped inside the Saint Vasilios Church, I was in awe. The altar—iconostatis is one of the most impressive that I have ever seen so far.

Outside, the Dutchman sat patiently on the cafe terrace in front of the church with a lovely and dramatic green foliage roofing. He is reading a book while waiting for me. He is being obedient of course =)

More information here: Mantamados, Lesvos Island, Greece

A dramatic cafe welcomed us into Mantamados.

Saint Vasilios Church in Mantamados.

Beautiful black wood carved iconostasis of Saint Vasilios Church.

I was keen on checking out the pottery and ceramic scene however that is never a good idea with the Dutchman around. Coming here to the village and visiting the church were already enough for him. It is always a compromise.

So we decided to drive further along the coast. We will be searching for a place to chill on the beach.

Travel Period: June-July 2012
Destination: Mantamados, Eresos-Andissa (Lesvos – North Aegean), Greece

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