Tuesday, March 05, 2013

My favourite street food in Seoul: Syrup doughnut pancakes (Hoddeok, Hotteok)

It is almost impossible to ran out of street food to sample in Seoul, South Korea because the country is one big street food lane!

In Insa-dong the array of street food vendors was just too awkward to escape. At every corner and alley, I was confronted with the scrummy odours calling me hopelessly to buy them, to taste them. I have been eyeing those round small doughnut pancake-like goodies for some time already, so I succumbed to pleasing my smell and taste sensory organs.

I really felt compelled to taste it. I have to indulge myself with at least 1 piece. I must!

They are called hoddeok or hotteok in Korean. These heavenly babies are filled with syrup made from brown sugar, honey and cinnamon, and grinded nuts as well. The brown syrup is ultra-hot, almost boiling in fact, so be careful when biting into it, I almost burned my tongue and lip in the process.

This has got to be my favourite Seoul street food ever. My second runner up is the equally yummy grilled squid. Read about it here -- Seoul street food: Grilled Squid

Going 1,000 KRW each. (70 euro cents).

When in Seoul, look for this. Never ever leave the country without trying hoddeok (hotteok).

Travel Period: October 2012
Destination: Insa-dong, Jongno-gu (Old City Centre Seoul) , South Korea

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