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The sights, sounds and shopping of Myeong-dong

Myeong-dong in Seoul is crazily busy!

Big shopping malls, department stores, exclusive high-end boutiques to discount stores and outlets, mom-and-pop shops and street stalls. That’s why when people think about Myeongdong, they think of shopping, and spending.

This is Myeong-dong day and night --  a serious mecca for (desperate) shoppers

Located in the centre of the city in Jung-gu, Myeong-dong is a must place to visit in Seoul, if you are to ask me. The lights and vivacity of this place are enough for me to enjoy a day or evening of walking around the streets browsing all sorts of items on sale while nipping a street food and watching the hordes of shoppers go by. I am that simple sometimes.

Myeong-dong is energy

Noodle dinner in Myeong-dong

We had dinner in a nondescript restaurant along the main street of Myeong-dong. The restaurant had narrow stairs leading down to the basement of the building. There was not a single word of English in the menu and in the restaurant as well, but Dutchman and I managed to order by pointing to the pictures of the dishes.

Luckily in South Korea many restaurants have menus with actual food pictures. Some restaurants even are equipped with plastic replicas of the dish.

I had seafood noodle soup and Dutchman had black bean paste noodles. We also ordered a plate of sweet and sour pork which was to die for. We were aching to order another serving actually... until such that I changed my mind because I cannot afford to increase an inch to my expanding waistline.

More shopping scenes

Lotte department store is one of the biggest shopping paradise in Myeong-dong. You can find it on the main street.

PSY Gangnam Style socks for sale!

Huge rice cookers outside a restaurant...

This bitchy vendor told me to stop taking pictures of her caramel candy stuff. Ooops, sorry, haha.

After our scrumptious noodle and sweet n sour pork dinner and walking around Myeongdong, we had some coffee and cheesecake at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Capuccino for Dutchman, black coffee for me.

I did not really shop here at Myeong-dong. Never had the time, plus with the Dutchman tagging along, that is just close to impossible. Fact is, I only got to actually shop on our last day in the city, and I had to send the Dutchman away somewhere else so I can do the shopping chore in peace. *sigh* More on that soon.

More information here: Myeong-dong, a mecca for shoppers

Travel Period: October 2012
Destination: Myeong-dong, Jung-gu (Central Seoul), South Korea

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