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From the Clerigos Church on Rua dos Clerigos: Easter cake and Porto is quite like San Francisco

The Clerigos area is famous for its bars, it is the nightspot district of the city, however, we are not going to talk about bars, but the view from the street where the Clerigos Church Tower stands—Rua dos Clerigos.

It just dawned on me that Porto shares something in common with San Francisco, California, USA. The old-world charm cable cars and their hilly streets, however not as steep as the streets in San Francisco.

Rua dos Clerigos

From Rua dos Clerigos looking towards Rua de 31 de Janeiro.

And this one is from Rua de 31 de Janeiro looking towards Rua dos Clerigos with the Clerigos Church and Tower standing grand at the end of the street.

Here are more pictures in and around this area:

Clerigos Church and Tower

18th century Clerigos Church and the Clerigos Tower.

Easter cake: Pão-de-Ló

Here at the Rua dos Clerigos I saw one of the quintessential Portuguese bakeshops selling the Easter cake, otherwise known as ‘Pão-de-Ló’ in Portuguese language. It looks very home made and roguhly done with the paper sticking out and such, but it seems that this really is the trademark of the Easter cake as I am seeing the very same manner of paper sticking out baking style at every bakeshop.

The sponge light cake is available all throughout the year but it is mostly eaten by the locals during ‘Páscoa’ (Easter). And because its Easter weekend, sightings of this Easter cake was all over the place!

Oh by the way, I was just told that the main easter cake in Portugal is called FOLAR. You may google it.

Travel Period: March 2013
Destination: Porto (Grande Porto), Portugal

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