Saturday, June 01, 2013

Take Away stop in Lelystad

I have been almost all over the Netherlands with the car and this has got to be one of the nicest stops beside a petrol station along the highway.

This is Haje Take Away on highway A6 near Lelystad.

I am also quite pleased that petrol stations have become more social and comfortable these days, in the sense that they offer more resting places, restaurants, shops and even parks. Several months back while paying for my petrol at Shell, I was approached by a pretty young girl who asked me if I wanted to join a survey that Shell is doing. I had some time to spare so I did. The survey was about improving the petrol station, the comfortability, the service, the facilities, etcetera.

I remember a question posted that if there is free wifi and a lounge in the petrol station, would I want to drop by more often? I think I said yes.

Nevertheless, the petrol station near this Haje Take Away spot was not that exciting, which is the reason why I dropped by here instead. I just need to quickly grab my lunch. Haje is actually a group of hotel and restaurants that have seemed to venture into smaller shops on the highways.

A warm saucijnzen broodje for quick lunch.

Little birds joined me during my quick lunch break.

They even have a special priority marked parking for women. I also bought some organic chips, just to try. Well, it was mwah. Before you leave you can as well throw your garbage last minute into this fish net by the drive way.

Cool place!

Visit Period: March 2013
Destination: Somewhere near Lelystad (Flevoland), Netherlands

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