Monday, July 15, 2013

Easter Monday shopping in Porto, Easter Lotto and cafe-ing at Il Caffe de Roma

On my fourth and last day day in Porto, Portugal I spent the morning continuing my shopping devoir in the city. I did not really succumbed to shopping overdrive, and it was not my intention anyway, but I managed to score a few bargain items at a local store that morning. It was raining a little bit as well which quite reflect gloomy Monday moods. Not many people like Mondays unfortunately, but this Monday is a different Monday as it is a holiday (Easter Monday) and the start of a new month, the 1st of April.

This is what Easter Monday shopping looks like

With the sad weather, I was not in the mood to further take pictures of the shopping scene but you can see it here in my previous blog entry: Rua de Santa Catarina: Shopping, Cafe Majestic and Capela das Almas

And oh, I do not actually fancy that boring hat but I brought it with me because its waterproof (the only one I have), just in case it will rain, which it did, so it served its purpose triumphantly =)

Easter Lotto

I saw these though on a shopping window: Lotaria da Pascoa

Let us indulge a bit. What would you do with 1.2 Million Euros (assumming tax free of course)?

Here is some perspective for you: With 1.2 Million Euros you can live on about 3,330 Euros per month NET for the next 30 years. I have not calculated inflation, interest and wealth tax (1.2% in the Netherlands for savings above 20K) but that is about how much you can live on if you are thinking long term.

Edit: I just did a calculation with assumed X inflation, X interest and wealth tax and it will be lower at 2,750 Euros per month NET for 30 years.

My fabulous find: Il Caffe de Roma

Website: Il Caffe de Roma (Rua de Sá da Bandeira, Porto)

I actually discovered this cafe when I first came in this area to shop. Unfortunately my plan was to have coffee at the much hyped about by tourists, Majestic Cafe, but I promised myself to come back here on my last day, which I did.

It's not Portuguese yes, it's Italian (an Italian coffee chain) but you cannot deny the obvious that this is a fabulous cafe. It exudes an ambiance of old elegance yet remains a very much everyday type cafe.

Nonetheless, I waited in the cafe for the rain to stop. My plan is to go back to my museum hotel to finish packing and then I will check out but will leave my luggage at the hotel's reception and pick it up later. My flight back to Amsterdam is in the evening and I still have a whole afternoon to enjoy the city.

On the walk back to my hotel, which is not very far away, about a 5-minute walk, I saw these 2 police officers just before I enter the alley. They are guarding the Portuguese National Bank located on the corner (left) on Liberdade Square, also known as Aliados. I have noticed that they are here every single day. Like 24 hours of the day shift. And they are armed.

At first, I thought they were tourist police, I even asked one of them for directions, haha, but then I realised they were not there for the tourists but for the national bank. I have to take a picture of them before I leave Porto =)

Travel Period: March-April 2013
Destination: Porto (Grande Porto), Portugal

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