Thursday, July 18, 2013

For the stressed and depressed in Estonia: Stress Stations

Back in May I was in Tallinn, Estonia and while I was waiting for my luggage to come out of the baggage conveyor belt in Tallinn Airport, I noticed this steel pop-up thing standing beside me resembling like a ticket dispenser or an old parking meter. Naturally being the curious cat that I am I proceeded to inspect it and my curiosity piqued when I read the attached sheet laminated in plastic.

“Stress Stations are aimed to help all of those who are troubled and distressed.”

I stood there sooooo tempted to push the English button.

What happens when I push it? Will it answer back? Is it going to be loud and will everyone around me hear it? What will it say? Will it ask for my name? No, I do not want to divulge my name, I want to be anonymous!

So many questions and scenarios were running in my head when I saw my luggage come out of the conveyor belt system. Alas, I need to make a decision now: To push the button or not. I took pictures instead and left.

I however followed up some research online and the topic led me to only 1 site in English that talked about the launching of this program in the country. Here is the link: Stress Stations. Hmm, I may have touched a serious social plight in Estonia and this could have been only the tip of the iceberg. I am sure there are more information about this program in the local language, Est.

Everyone is made up of different iotas, all sorts of nuts and bolts, that's for sure. For example moi. I am a person who does not easily get stressed, but I do get stressed out when there is really a need to be stressed about. However, I do not dwell on the issue far too long, I focus more on finding the solution and getting over the hump and leaving the issue behind. You know, the glass is half-full type of person. The individuals who always see problems as challenges and risks as opportunities to prove and win. I know, can be cheesy and irritating, haha! But I am getting older these days, i.e. have become a bit sensitive, prudent and inconspicuous, so give me some slack.

On a worse scenario, I have read that many Eastern European countries (former communist bloc countries) are on the top list of countries with high suicide rate. It’s a no brainer that communism played a major role here. China, including South Korea, Japan and Taiwan are high on the statistics as well.

Hmm, did you noticed that warmer countries tend to be more optimistic? What about you? Do you get stressed easily? Over what?

Travel Period: May 2013
Destination: Tallinn, Estonia

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