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Starred Lunch at the 'Gourmet Restaurant' of The Yeatman in Porto

The Gourmet Restaurant at The Yeatman Hotel is the only restaurant with a Michelin star in Porto, and although the culinary food is definitely the reason why I decided to spend my slow gastronomic lunch here, I came here as well for the hotel's sweeping views of Porto City and the Cais da Ribeira.

Because I have about 40 pictures to share during my visit, I will divide this entry and post the 'views' and a few pictures of the hotel in my next entry.

Gourmet Restaurant, The Yeatman

Website: Gourmet Restaurant, The Yeatman

The Yeatman Hotel is located in Vila Nova de Gaia (across Porto) very near to the Offley caves. It's about a 10+ minute uphill walk from the river boulevard. At the mid hour of the day, it was excruciatingly hot to walk on the somewhat deserted cobbled-stone streets, even so the ascent, but this climb proved to be worth it.

Now earlier in the day in the morning I made sure to eat an itsy bitsy breakfast, just a small slice of Pao de Lao + coffee. Then during my morning shopping I only snacked on a cup of espresso. I am making plenty of room in my stomach for this much awaited gourmet lunch. It's my ultimate treat to myself before I leave the city, saving the best meal for last.

The walk to The Yeatman... it was a hot spring day in Porto and I was sweating like a very harassed pig. I was chanting to myself, 'This lunch better be worth it!'

Champagne, Amuse Bouche and My View

I was looking slightly frazzled when I entered the plush lobby of the Yeatman. In between breaths, I told the young gentleman who greeted me that I came to have lunch. He led me to the Gourmet Restaurant where I was received by another smiling young gentleman. He gave me a corner and window seat that has some privacy and looks out to the balcony which I like, and sensing my discomfort from the heat outside, he politely asked if I would like to have something fresh to start, like a glass of champagne from the region perhaps.

Oh, champagne from Portugal? I smiled and told him, 'That's a good idea.'

Portuguese champagne or sparkling wine, Murganheira, and above picture is my view. After lunch I am going out to the balcony to enjoy the spectacular views of Porto.

After the introduction of their menu for the day, the amuse-bouche or Chef's Greetings have arrived... because this lunch has been been so long, almost 4 months ago, I have no idea what these are anymore, but trust me, these small bites were all sooo delicious.

First Course: Fish

I settled for the seafood option for this set course. The first to come of all the lovely dishes is this divine mouthwatering tuna, slightly grilled on one side. I can still remember how delectable this was. Excellent.

I was seated in a corner so nobody could see me taking pictures of everything I ate, haha.  

Second Course: Mussels & Shrimps

Although this was a bit salty, this was another to-die for entree, mussels and shrimps. They gave me an extra little serving on the side as well =)

Ordered another glass, a dry white wine from the wine estate called Quinta Ameal. A quick online research revealed that the wine estate has won many awards.

Third Course: Another Fish!

I actually forgot what this fish is but I can dream of this, again and again. I have no more words.

Fourth Course: Dessert

The lady serving me announced excitedly that I will be getting 2 scrumptious desserts from the chef. And I thought to myself... Oh dear me, I hope they won't be horrifyingly sweet! Never been the sweet-tooth type.

First dessert was some ice cream, and I totally forgot what this was but I definitely know this wasn't vanilla. The caramel glazed nuts were a good combination with this though. I remember this as very refreshing to the palate.

Second dessert is a chocolate fondant cake. This was very good as well but it was indeed horrifyingly too sweet for me, I just could not finish it. I told the lady reassuredly that it is not the chef's fault, its my salty tongue!

Coffee and Mignardises

This gastronomic lunch obviously is not complete without closing it with a cup of espresso. By this time the weather has changed winds, the clouds became grey and rain started pouring down. From a hot day to a wet humid afternoon. Fortunately, the rain did not last long so I managed to catch a clear view of Porto from the balcony, but more on this later.

This lovely lunch is 4.8 stars out of 5! Service was impeccable. Only the interior of the restaurant I find a bit fake-ish and kitschy-ish. Why does Las Vegas come to mind? You'll see in my next entry.

Travel Period: March-April 2013
Destination: Vila Nova de Gaia (Grande Porto), Portugal

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