Thursday, July 18, 2013

The best sweeping panoramic views of Porto from The Yeatman

Should you find yourself in Porto, I recommend you visit this luxury wine spa hotel across the Douro River. If staying here is way above your budget, then settle for a drink at their lounge or enjoy a gastronomic sumptuous lunch like I did at the only Michelin star restaurant in Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia, the Gourmet Restaurant. Or perhaps, you might want to opt for a fabulous romantic dinner? A convivial wine party in the hotel's programme maybe?

This will be your reward: The Yeatman has the best ever sweeping panoramic views of Porto and the Cais da Ribeira.

Best Panoramic Views

Above pictures were taken at mid-day before the rain, and below pictures were taken after the rain in the afternoon.

Sigh, I do not shoot with a SLR camera, and have no plans of owning one (although Dutchman has a museum piece SLR camera here at home) because those stuff are big, hideous and heavy, so I have to settle with these not-so-great-quality pictures.

A lil bit of Yeatman

Website: The Yeatman, Oporto

The resort hotel and spa starkly reminds me of the hotels in Las Vegas. Big, grand, opulent, extravagant, gaudy and kitschy. But I have to admit that I love the little pool though. Brilliant way to relax while enjoying the spectacular sweeping views of the city.

The walk downhill was much better. No more scorching sun clawing at me. It was a breeze and I badly needed the walk after all that I have eaten for lunch.

My last panorama souvenir pictures of this beautiful postcard perfect Porto. Thanks to a passing group of tourists who volunteered to take a picture of me with the Porto and Cais da Ribeira panorama in the background =)

Next in the agenda: a little bit of sightseeing outside the city on board a very old tram.

Travel Period: March-April 2013
Destionation: Vila Nova de Gaia (Grande Porto), Portugal

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