Saturday, September 28, 2013

Quickie Jamon Iberico in Amsterdam at Tapas Bar Ibericus

You know I am super crazy over ham, but not just any ham. Jamon Iberico! And the Bellotas are the best. I am also head over heels in love with dried sausages/salami from Italy and sometimes France, however, when it comes to dried cured ham, Spain is numero uno.

Jamon Iberico - Pata Negra at Ibericus Amsterdam
Website (Facebook): Ibericus Amsterdam

So I am sooooo ecstatic that there is finally a real jamon iberico tapas bar and shop in Amsterdam! What took it so long?

Luckily I had a meeting nearby in Amsterdam a few weeks ago so I did a quickie jamon iberico snack (jamon iberico is also known as pata negra). I was with the car and parking is not always easy in this area, but the stars and planets have aligned and I found a parking slot along the street. The gods conspired and made sure I get the parking slot so I can take care of my craving.

I just want a portion of Bellota Jamon so bad, and oh, a glass of Rioja Red Wine as well won't hurt. And yes, I want to buy a few more jamon to bring home of course =)

Quickie jamon snack

And here it is! Yes, the jamon shop has a tapas bar and cafeteria.

I ordered a single portion of Jamon Iberico with Tostado con Tomate (they added this, did not know this was part of the order, but thanks!), and of course a glass of Rioja to go with.

Look at the marbly delight people! I am in heaven, haha! People who know me personally can attest my love for jamon and all things dried and cured meat, but I am very picky though. I know my stuff. This was NOT enough for me so I made sure I am bringing more jamon iberico home.

As I was paying for my take home goodies: more jamon iberico and cheese, I struck a conversation with one of the ladies. She is Spanish (hmm, could be Catalan, as you know the Catalans hate to be called Spanish but that is another story) so we spoke English. She could be the owner, I did not really ask, but she sounded and looked like one, also because she is older.

Anyways, she was swept away by my excitement. I mean, all types of jamon from Spain are here! You want a jamon iberico from Extramadura? How about one from Jabugo? I was an ecstatic camper telling her how happy I was that finally there is a real jamon iberico shop in Amsterdam. Her eyes lighted up and she motioned me to follow her.

‘This is the best jamon in the world.’ and then she hands over a slice to me. It is of course a Bellota from a town called Guijuelo. Then she slices another one for me. Oh! *blushes*

I heard angels singing in the background as I savoured the bellota.

This is the street Haarlemmerstraat where Ibericus Amsterdam is located in the Haarlemmerbuurt (Haarlemmer nieghbourhood). I just love Amsterdam.

I tell you what. When I got home I prepared these for myself:

I am such a glutton. *grins*

I bought some cheese as well and paired this with more jamon and some grapes together with a red from France, or it might have been from Chile. Because of my gluttonness, my body backfired. Dizziness attack. That is what happens when you have reached the daily maximum fat intake of your body. I must have eaten my weeks’ worth of fat!

So I did not have dinner but I did cook something for the Dutchman.

Visit Period: September 2013
Destination: Amsterdam Centrum (North Holland), The Netherlands

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