Monday, September 30, 2013

Singapore Evening Skyline from KU DÉ TA, Marina Bay Sands

On top of the Marina Bay Sands building is lifestyle venue KU DE TA. It is one of the hottest places to be in town. Not really just a place to be but a place to enjoy the beautiful evening skyline of Singapore as well. You see, the Marina Bay Sands building faces Singapore’s Central Business District skyscraper skyline.

The KU DE TA is quite big and is located on the North Sky Park of the building. It has a restaurant, a sky bar, a club lounge and a pool & terrace bar. SisterJ, Myrrh and moi decided to go to the Sky Bar for drinks and to enjoy the evening view and lights of this metropolitan city.

Here are some visitor facts and tips for you:

- The website of KU DÉ TA, Marina Bay Sands: KU DE TA 

- The KU DE TA SKY BAR would be the best place to go to if you are not going to dine and will just want to enjoy the view. Just buy a drink from the Sky Bar and you are all set. The drinks though are not cheap. The Sky Bar is located right above the Observatory Deck.

- The KU DE TA RESTAURANT is also an option for those who want to eat here, but if you are going to ask my opinion? NO, don’t do it. You can’t really see the views while dining, and because the restaurant and sky bar are side by side, the place can get very busy and noisy. For the minimum price per head I would rather sit in a more comfortable and chic restaurant where you have good views of course and a more better private ambiance. Another restaurant in the building, Sky on 57 could be an option.

- KU DE TA CLUB LOUNGE is another option but it has a cover charge. Do this if you intend to stay longer. The Club Lounge is located at the other side beside the pool.

- KU DE TA POOL & TERRACE BAR is only exclusive for guests of the hotel.

- OBSERVATORY DECK is another option for non-hotel guests to visit and enjoy the view. Only hotel guests and those who have tickets to the Observatory Deck are allowed to go inside. Tickets are S$20 per person. My opinion honestly? I would rather spend my S$20 on a drink at the Sky Bar located right above. I may not have access to the Observatory Deck but we are looking at the same view really...

This is the terrace of the Restaurant and you can see the Sky Bar as well further in the background.

Our expensive drinks at the Sky Bar.

This picture is an evidence how difficult it is to take a solo picture of yourself without being photo bombed by other guests.

Let us take another shot, and voila, this time I got lucky. I managed to zoomed in a nice picture of SisterJ and Myrrh as well.

Below is the Observatory Deck. You have to pay S$20 separately in order to get in here. For me, I would rather spend that money on a drink at the Sky Bar. It is the same view anyway.

The Singapore Skyline: Central Business District.

One last trio shot before we go!

And one last shot for moi as well =)

The 2 conservatories/greenhouses at the Gardens by the Bay: The Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. Here is my blog entry during my visit to the Cloud Forest: The Cloud Forest in Singapore is not for the Acrophobics!

All pictures were taken by a Sony point-and-click camera.

Travel Period: July 2013
Destination: Singapore Central, Singapore

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