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The Cloud Forest in Singapore is not for the Acrophobics

There are two conservatories (greenhouses) at the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore and these are: the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. They offer a discount if you purchase tickets to both but moi being from the Netherlands, the land of the flowers, and having been to Keukenhof (biggest garden in the world), as well as having seen countless of colourful tulip fields in this country—many moons ago, I used to work nearby the tulip fields, and no, I did not plant tulip bulbs for a living—I decided to forego the idea of going to the Flower Dome but welcomed the opportunity to get to know the Cloud Forest.

Acrophobics, stay away!

Now here is the catch22: If you are afraid of heights then perhaps the Cloud Forest is not a good idea for you, unless for some reason you are on the rehabilitation road of exterminating this phobia out of your life. Why? Because the Cloud Forest, this 35-metre cut mountain covered in lush vegetation will allow you, well almost literally, to walk in the clouds!

Little did I know that SisterJ has some light form of acrophobia. She can however handle a few meters height challenge though, but not when it’s 35 metres up high. Vertigo calling! Haha!

I discovered her acrophobia when we went up the highest level of the walkway. The walkways are the walk in the clouds so to speak because you will be walking on this open-air steel pathway extension with the view to the Cloud Forest and the aerial view of the Dome and down below. The walkway however is see-through on both sides, as well as the railings, so I am guessing this is what freaks most people out. I can pretty much understand because my feet tickled me. Ach, not like.

For more information, go here: Cloud Forest, Gardens by the Bay

The waterfall will greet you as you enter the Cloud Forest dome.

Walk in the clouds 

There are actually 2 walkways, a lower level walkway and an upper level walkway.

Now I was quite surprised when SisterJ begged me that she wants out. She does not want to walk on the upper level walkway. She was standing right there at the start of the walkway, her hands cold and trembling!!! I mean, she was really scared, and I was like, WTF?! I had to laugh! But of course, I did not force her to join me. But oh dear, was I so surprised. You realised you really do not know your sister that much. Hmm.

She however managed to walk on the lower level walkway, albeit as fast as Beep Beep Road Runner, without looking back, her body and shoulders fixed to the finish line, haha.

Oh well, what a revelation. I could not stop laughing! I am such a mean sister =) Hehe. Later I teased her with pictures of me leaning down on the railings. She cringed. Haha!


SisterJ FROZE, lol. She will not dare walk an inch further! As you can see, only the centre part of the walkway is solid, the side walkways have holes and you can see everything down below.

Here is the brave moi leaning down on the railing, hehe.

An exhibit on stalactites and crystals in the caves.

There is a little GARDEN PARK on top of the cloud mountain forest. To go up you can take the lift (elevator for you non-Europeans). My sister waited patiently for me here while I walked in the clouds.


And here is the LOWER LEVEL WALKWAY, and you can see how high up the other walkway is. That scared the living daylights out of my sister, but here at the lower walkway, she is finally ready =)

Run, SisterJ, Run! Hehe.

Here is the short video I took from the lower walkway:

Beautiful here is it not? The sound you hear is the waterfalls.

An animated show about climate change in the 21st century. 

On the ground floor there is another waterfall, a small one and a SECRET GARDEN... now let us go in and have a closer look at this hidden paradise =)

Looks like some people in the nearby world called Pandora have found their way to the Cloud Forest! (I know, cosplay kids)

I am fascinated by this carnivorous pitcher plant called Nepenthes. They remind of a pelican's beak.

As for me, I am used to heights, after all I ski, and in the mountains you get shuttled from one ski lift to another, above the ground and a thousand metres high up the mountain. You get used to it.

Interestingly, I found out that a lot of people are actually afraid of heights? Are you?

Travel Period: July 2013
Destination: Singapore Central, Singapore

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