Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What’s the deal with the Supertrees at the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore?

Because the sun can be unforgiving during the day in tropical countries, visiting man-made and natural parks will have to be scheduled after mid afternoons, such as after 15:00 when the temperatures are a little bit friendlier.

Bad move for SisterJ and moi because we visited the Gardens by the Bay around noon and it was blazing hot. What were we thinking? *rolls eyes* Besides running to the next shade available in sight to take refuge in, I was wondering how on earth am I going to take nice pictures when the sun is as despotic as it is that day. Luckily, we spotted a golf cart service wheeling visitors from the entrance (across Marina Bay Sands Resort) and through the park to the conservatories for S$5 retour. SisterJ said that this was new, well right about timing it is!

The Supertrees remind me of ‘Avatar’

Have you seen that movie? The science fiction film about saving that super-one-of-a-kind-tree in the distant world called Pandora?

You know, I’m not really a movie person. I easily get bored when the story line is shallow. I actually almost never go to the movies. I only watch films when Dutchman downloads something which always happens to be a mafia or a world war series flick, and I of course, as always, end up ignoring it for the night. I cannot even remember when I watched Avatar? And where, why and how come? I even forgot the name of the movie until I resorted to googling because I was sure someone else out there must have noticed the same thing, ‘Supertrees remind me of the movie...’ Then a-ha, someone did and I saw the title! I can be pitiful at times. I am losing my memory now while I am slowly growing white hairs and losing my eyesight as well—I badly need glasses, this all at 43. I can only imagine what 50 is going to be like.

Anyway, the Supertrees in the Gardens by the Bay are vertical elevated gardens with a canopy that provides shade for the plants. They are one of the new fascinating attractions in Singapore. They are environmentally friendly and sustainable, and are sources for solar energy as well.

There is no entrance free to the Gardens by the Bay where the Supertrees are located. But for S$5 adults (S$3 children), you can walk on the OCBC Skyway (this is the foot bridge) that connects two Supertrees. I thought I might suffer a heat stroke if I walk on this foot bridge, although I noticed a few daring ones who ventured out into the skyway. I am pretty sure the vantage point offers great views of the gardens and exquisite photo opportunities. And I also just read that there is a Supertree-top Bistro. Oh really? I want to go there!

Nevertheless, I will not bore you with all the details about the Supertrees, go here: Supertrees Grove at Gardens by the Bay 

You can see the OCBC Skyway clinging on to the Supertree. I would have loved to walk on this foot bridge if it was late in the afternoon when the sun is less harsh. Unfortunately, direct contact with the sun is a no-no for people suffering from eczema like moi, although I can be a rebel at times.

I definitely want to visit this place again. I can just imagine during very late afternoon when the horizon prepares for nightfall and the skies becomes dramatic, great opportunity for photography nerds here. The vibrant illuminations installed on the supertrees comes alive as well as dusk falls offering a different level of interpretation on what twilight should be.

In the evening there is a Supertrees lights and sounds show. I managed to take a video of the show from on top the Marina Bay Sands Resort building. It is not as impressive if I was at the grounds, right below the supertrees, I am sure. Skip over to 1:05 to see a view of Marina Bay.

So like I said, this is the best tip ever I can give to my readers visiting Singapore anytime soon and interested to drop by at the Gardens by the Bay: Come here after 15:00 when the sun is not scorching.

Everyone thinks my sister is a university student in Singapore. She is actually 32 (sorry sis for outing you haha), 11 years my junior. Even the immigration officer in Cebu thought she was my daughter! How dare he. Read here: Airport Tales in Singapore and Cebu. Am I now too old or is she just too young? Whatever.

And here is the shopping mall in Marina Bay Sands Building (that 3-legged building in the picture). The mall is very plush; obviously this is a magical and highly satisfying expensive shopping mall if you have a bottomless wallet, an unlimited credit on your credit card or a filthy rich sponsor.

There is also a canal inside with boat tours, which reminds me of the Venetian in Las Vegas and Macau.

And this is the picture of the Marina Bay metro station connected to Marina Bay Sands Building and the Gardens by the Bay. Super brand spanking new and super hygienic.

You have to be alert with the escalators though especially if you are rushing because there is a particular escalator that goes down to two different levels. Like this escalator in the picture. Both escalators are going down, but the right one goes to 0 (ground floor) while the left one goes to -1, and before you know it, you are going down to the wrong level. We got separated because of this! Haha.

Travel Period: July 2013
Destination: Singapore Central, Singapore

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