Saturday, October 05, 2013

Date with the cheeky smart aleck nephew at Maitre Chocolatier, Ayala Terraces

So SisterJ and I had a date with our only little boy in the family, our cheeky and smart-aleck nephew. He is cheeky and smart for his age.

We first had an afternoon snack at the Maitre Chocolatier in Ayala Terraces, Cebu and then smart aleck nephew shooed his parents off reminding them that he is on a date with us, lol. ‘Goooooo!’ So BrotherJ and Sister-in-law left.

What I love about my little nephew is he loves a good intellectual discussion. He is a curious child and will ask you for example what you do for a living back home. He is interested in the country you live in and how people live their lives there. He once asked me about Saudi Arabia and why it is such a very conservative Muslim country. No kidding. He even went as far as concocting a scenario--What if Saudi Arabia  enforces its conservative rules on UAE (Dubai), since they are neighbours and Saudi Arabia is obviously bigger in size. I looked at him a bit stumped. Am I seriously having this discussion with my nephew? LOL. How many 6 year olds out there talk like this?

Children his age for example would have no idea that the capital of West Germany was Bonn, and that Germany was once divided into 2 nations. He can explain this to you with passion.

He is not the typical bright kid you see in school who listens to the teacher and studies well. He is the experiential, pragmatic, outspoken and independent type of child who prefers to learn at his own pace and through hands-on experience. He thrives in diversity and challenge in a free environment, and not just in a structured learning domain and through books.

And he loves to know about the places I have been to! He wants to travel and see the world as well, so for beginners, he reads my blog =)

When his father (my brother) picked him up, he complained, ‘Dad, why are you disturbing my date! Go away!’ lol

Well, little cheeky monkey, our date is over =)

His new friend, Golden Camel =)

Frey White Chocolate Crepe.

Churros with Lindt dark chocolate dip.

We are checking my blog here =)

Ayala Terraces, Cebu City.

Travel Period: August 2013
Destination: Cebu City (Cebu - Visayas), Philippines

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