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Old Tram #1 Ride from Porto to Foz do Douro

Last March I was in Porto, the second largest city of Portugal after Lisbon and the capital of Port wine. One of the (somewhat touristy) things I did there was to take a tram ride. I read that ‘Tram 1’ will take me along the western coast of Porto to Foz do Douro, the mouth of the Douro River where it meets the Atlantic Ocean.

I think this is a perfect passive activity to do to while away the time.

Tram Line 1: Infante, Porto to Passeio Alegre, Foz do Douro

Now I just had a long and lovely starred lunch at The Gourmet Restaurant of the Yeatman Hotel in Vila Nova de Gaia which by the way offers the best panoramic views of Porto, and all I wanted in the afternoon was to take things slow. I will be leaving in the evening back to Amsterdam and I still have a few hours left in the city. Having seen and done a lot in this trip, I quite felt contented and thus deserving for an afternoon of chilling out, basically just doing nothing much, such as joy riding in an old tram =)

Needless to say I came on time for the ride, however, the tram came 30 minutes later. I was nettled, while the Spanish tourists beside me were very nonchalant about it, which made me felt quite ashamed of my impatient behaviour and had me doing an impromptu self introspection. I had to remind myself that this is the south of Europe and everything here tends to go slow. Life here is laid back, there is more to life than a hurried pace so CHILL OFF WOMAN.

You see, I cannot expect for things here to start on time, because if it does, then it is akin to going against the grain. OK, I know I am exaggerating here but situations like these makes south European holidays seem so real and corporal. It is a matter of adopting a different mindset and taking things with a grain of salt.

Lots of tourists in the tram. See, I told you this is a touristy thing =)

Although this man who sat in front of me is a local.

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Passeio Alegre, Foz do Douro

So I have arrived in Foz! There are many restaurants and cafes here, and there is as well a boardwalk so this area is a nice alternative and fresher route from busy Porto where you can easily spend a few hours lunching or chilling out at a bay side café or restaurant.


Porto Views during the Tram Ride

I suggest that from Infante (in Porto) going to Passeio Alegre (in Foz do Douro) you take the seat facing the river and for going back, take the seat facing the city. With that you will have the best of both views during the entire to and fro tram ride.

Love, love, love the views of Porto!

Why are hanging laundry in the balcony in this part of the world cool?

Almost there...

The city of Porto has this rugged unfinished feel...

It may be a bit touristy, but the back and forth trip was a nice therapeutic relaxing activity for my last afternoon in Porto.

Travel Period: March 2013
Destination: Porto (Grande Porto), Portugal

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Happy Travels! Enjoy Life =)

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