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The Many Facets of Fa Yuen Street in Kowloon, Hong Kong

There’s a lot of things going on at Fa Yuen Street. We stumbled into this street accidentally after a hearty lunch nearby at a local restaurant that will unfortunately remain nameless due to our lack of Cantonese language skills. You can find our lunch action here: How to order lunch without speaking Chinese Cantonese. We have since came back to this area to further discover her treasures.

You can say I am quite charmed by this street. Fa Yuen Street means Garden Street because during the Ming and Qing Dynasties the area was famous for growing flowers. Nowadays it is a street littered with activity and many façades, permitting an ingenious ‘come on’ appeal to visitors.

Fa Yuen Shopping (fashion) Market

By day it is a busy shopping street with the lane on the corner of Mongkok Road being closed to traffic. This lane is a permanent fashion market and is less crowded than the popular shopping meccas such as Temple Street Market and Ladies Market.

Fa Yuen: The Sneakers Street

While the other side of the road to the direction of Nathan Road, the street is lined with scores of shoe shops. Locals have christened Fa Yuen Street as the Sneakers Street because of the great number of sneakers for sale on this street. If you need new rubber shoes at a good price, you know where to go. 50 shoe shops they say to date!

We came back here on our last night in Hong Kong to do some last minute shopping. A cone of ice cream is not a bad idea when it is 30C+.

Fa Yuen Street corner Nathan Road.

Fa Yuen: Bus Line

On the corner of Mongkok Road above the MTR walkway you can spy a myriad of uniformed red and beige coloured mini buses queuing up after each other. Hong Kong has an extensive and efficient public transportation that the Philippines can only dream of.

Below picture is the MTR walkway connecting Mongkok MTR Line and Mongkok East MTR Line. Underneath is Mongkok Road crossing Fa Yuen Street.

What can I say? Fa Yuen Street is a pictographic and lovely sight to see. You know, Kowloon as a whole is a culture traveller and photographer’s dream.

Fa Yuen Farmer’s Market

We turned around the corner and fortuitously found a farmer’s market. So we nosed around a bit and found live frogs for sale and roasted Peking ducks that my mother wanted to bring back to the hotel. She later changed her mind. Well, she can, because she is a woman.

I cannot think of a Chinese Frog dish? Frog legs comes to mind but that is French.

Further down the street we discovered this wholesale snack shop. Great timing as we needed snacks at the hotel for the weeks’ stay! This is our loot, but we are not done shopping for snacks just yet.

In the evening the streets surges into life with the colourful neon sign board signs while the activity hits a crescendo as night shoppers roam around for the cheapest sneaker find and quintessential local street food. Because I took lots of pictures of the street food scene in Hong Kong I will be making a separate post about this.


Travel Period: August 2013
Destination: Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong SAR

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